Dec 12, - No fear, wedding planners: This playlist is an instant party. Music (and love) is all you need for a good wedding reception. This, right here, is your starter kit to a party in a "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga This song is ironic.

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Worst wedding reception songs

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This style is a happy-medium between formal and casual. Choose an upbeat first dance.

Worst wedding reception songs

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Jimmy Soul might be happy with his ugly wife, but you have a beautiful bride. And then who the hell was I?

Worst wedding reception songs

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This is your big day. Songs about breakups and affairs aren't what we would consider "perfect for a wedding. There are a few easy tricks to keep your guests around and the party going.

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They just take away dancing time, anyway. The key to a bad wedding playlist? The bride might cry, but the guests will surely roll their eyes.


Let them know where the after-party will be. Maybe none of your friends want to catch the bouquet? We'd like to pretend this song never happened.

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Surprise them with entertainment. An array of dishes are set up in an area.

Aug 15, - These 15 songs should always be on the no-play list at weddings. wedding season, by now you've probably heard enough bad toasts, eaten. Jul 24, - banneddancinghi haterssongsweddings+ 1 Tags. Chaps7/24/ smalls5 months ago. Happy by Pharrell is the worst song ever created. Sep 22, - Since I'm 30 now I have definitely been to my fair share of weddings all over the US. I can't believe how many of these awful songs are still.

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Do you want to dance until midnight? Your reception playlist should be a compilation of songs from multiple genres so every guest hears something they love. Rent heaters, provide blankets and shawls, and have coffee and cider available.

Worst wedding reception songs

If cuts are necessary, then make them! Here are the pros and cons of the most popular serving styles:

Worst wedding reception songs

Worst wedding reception songs

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