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Rodriguez, how many time has taken -- has elapsed here in this, as you recount the events? Well there was a big time, like a gap.


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You might assume that, as a supposedly key witness, Rodriguez would mention the explosion that he says preceded the impact. Hanging from the top of his fingertips like it was a glove.


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We went crazy, we started screaming, we told him to get out. On the subject of your friends, one of them is with you, a relatively new friend I know, William Rodriguez ph.

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That's a reasonable approximation of Rodriguez distance from the impact site, actually, so we'll live with it for now. As you'll probably remember from watching the initial impact video, the first plane didn't explode on the outside of the building.

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That would be consistent with an explosion caused by jet fuel. And at that terrible day when I took people out of the office, one of them totally burned because he was standing in front of the freight elevator and the ball of fire came down the duct of the elevator itself, I put him on the ambulance. David was released after spending 10 weeks recovering in the hospital; first in the New York Weill Cornell Medical Center burn unit, and then in Mount Sinai Medical Center's rehab program. Then we have the sound of the fireball shooting down elevators close to Rodriguez location.

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So, I went up with the police officer and a group of firemen. As you'll probably remember from watching the initial impact video, the first plane didn't explode on the outside of the building. Why the government is keeping this information, whatever interests…?

9/11 Survivor, Last Man Out of the Twin Towers. Activist. Keynote Speaker. Worldwide Conferences. Internacional. Experto para TV. New York, USA · william William Chitsike (william). Bio. Hmmm Boards. PM, Debtcol Pro & Web · Home | About | Help | Legal | Blog | @trello | Trello API. Apr 21, - We went against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan because they supported Bin Laden. Why can't we do the same thing with the Saudis, 9/11 survivor.

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What did it seem like? My testimony was not included in the final report. Except, to clarify, that's just sound through the air.


And as the initial flex of the building, and impact sound, would have arrived through steel around a second before sound carried through the air. I went back up and saw one of the officers from the Port Authority Police, I been working there for 20 years so I knew him very well. Not like an impact, like a rumble, like moving furniture in a massive way.



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    A jet fuel fireball erupted upon impact and shot down at least one bank of elevators.

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