William Wordsworth Is the author of books such as Selected Poetry The Complete Poetical Works Of William Wordsworth, In Ten Volumes - Vol Ix · The Excursion · Wordsworth's Literary Criticism · Wordsworth's Poems For the Young.

William wordsworth literary work

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When you think of Wordsworth what do you think of? They had three other siblings: One of Wordsworth's most famous poems, " Tintern Abbey ", was published in this collection, along with Coleridge's " The Rime of the Ancient Mariner ".

William wordsworth literary work

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It was long supposed that Wordsworth relied chiefly on Coleridge for philosophical guidance, but more recently scholars have suggested that Wordsworth's ideas may have been formed years before he and Coleridge became friends in the mids. The Boy of Winander:

William wordsworth literary work

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Do not republish it without permission. Indeed, while he is living in the city and trying to succeed in man's own making, society, he says that Mary Ann Dolan d.

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The Prospectus contains some of Wordsworth's most famous lines on the relation between the human mind and nature: Despite the death of many contemporaries, the popularity of his poetry ensured a steady stream of young friends and admirers to replace those he lost.

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The Boy of Winander: The Third in Wordsworth, William 13 Replies The Prelude According to the site data, "About he started to write a large and philosophical autobiographical poem, completed in , and published posthumously in under the title The Prelude.

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The domestic problems separated Wordsworth from his beloved and neurotic sister Dorothy, who was a very important person in his life. It was also in that he met Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Somerset. Together Wordsworth and Coleridge with insights from Dorothy produced Lyrical Ballads , an important work in the English Romantic movement.

Oct 28, - Sketch by Daniel Maclise, cs. Courtesy The Walter Scott Digital Archive, Edinburgh University Library. William Wordsworth was born in. William Wordsworth was born on 7 April at Cockermouth in Cumbria. near the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who was an admirer of Wordsworth's work. Apr 2, - The collection, which contained Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey," introduced Romanticism to English poetry. Wordsworth also showed his affinity for nature with the famous poem "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud." He became England's poet laureate in , a role he held until his death in

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Can anyone help me by correcting my essay which contains an introductory sentence, support sentences and conclusion also give me a feedback, but someone who really does know literature? He remarked in that he was willing to shed his blood for the established Church of England , reflected in the Ecclesiastical Sketches of After , he wrote little more.

William wordsworth literary work

He attempted to get the play staged in November , but it was rejected by Thomas Harris , the manager of the Covent Garden Theatre , who proclaimed it "impossible that the play should succeed in the representation". As a young man, Wordsworth developed a love of nature, a theme reflected in many of his poems.

William wordsworth literary work

William wordsworth literary work

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    The poems were greeted with hostility by most critics. Later that year, he married Mary Hutchinson, a childhood friend, and they had five children together.

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    In , the Scottish poet and playwright Joanna Baillie reflected on her long acquaintance with Wordsworth. Wordsworth's mother died when he was eight—this experience shapes much of his later work.

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    Richard, the eldest, who became a lawyer; John, born after Dorothy, who went to sea and died in when the ship of which he was captain, the Earl of Abergavenny , was wrecked off the south coast of England; and Christopher , the youngest, who entered the Church and rose to be Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.

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    The following year saw the passing of James Hogg.

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    His hostile interactions with them distressed him to the point of contemplating suicide.

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