Apr 12, - On the other hand, vaginas aren't supposed to smell “fishy” either (that mean barb that boys lob at girls to make them feel bad in junior high.

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Why do girls vaginas smell like fish

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If the smell you're noticing is unusual for you — a stronger or distinctly different odor than what you normally experience — then it might be wise to bring up the question with your health professional. If a woman is concerned about her vaginal odor, she should talk to her doctor to get to the root of the problem. Throughout your cycle your vaginal mucus changes and as it changes, the odor it may produce will change too. And then I felt bad.

Why do girls vaginas smell like fish

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Follow her on Twitter drpetra. During and after the menopause changes within the body can lead to irritation, infection and smell. Some antibiotics and other medications can cause problems like thrush, which in turn can lead to genital itching and possible smell. An underlying condition may be behind your symptoms.

Why do girls vaginas smell like fish

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Some people also suggest it smells like rotting meat. Petra can only answer based on the information you give her and her advice is not a substitute for medical, therapeutic or legal advice.

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Is this cause for concern? Alternatively if you have a coil there may be a chance of an infection from that, which is leading to smell, discharge or other symptoms see above - in which case you should seek immediate medical advice. This previous reply on how to talk to the doctor and what to expect from a check up may help you feel more confident about seeking advice, while if you are not in the UK Tarshi and LoveMatters may be able help you find discreet and understanding practitioners, who could identify what might be the cause of your problem, regardless of your age or marital status. Avoid wearing wet pool clothes for hours after you get out of the pool.

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Vaginas have a scent. Her physician "can do an examination and make sure there's not something treatable, or something more serious, going on," Gala says.

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In addition to a strong vaginal odor, these may include: If a woman is concerned about her vaginal odor, she should talk to her doctor to get to the root of the problem.

May 29, - If your vagina does start to have an off-putting or pungent smell it could Bacterial vaginosis is a common infection that causes a strong fishy smell down there. Girls as young as nine 'are seeking designer vagina surgery'. Oct 6, - “The most common reason for this is a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis (BV),” Phillips says in an email interview. What exactly is this scary sounding ailment and what causes it? Phillips says it's an imbalance of vaginal flora, which causes that fishy odor down there. That is not the truth as a vagina should have a natural, mild and neutral smell. Signs that you are having BV are a fishy odor from your lady bits, a thin white or.

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Otherwise, some other easy recommendations to try to alleviate odor include wearing cotton undergarments, wearing slightly looser clothing and frequently changing undergarments, especially if you've exercised, Gala says. Is this cause for concern? Can you recall when you first noticed the problem?

Why do girls vaginas smell like fish

To decrease odor, change your pad frequently. If you are on antibiotics, replace the healthy bacteria by adding live yogurt to your diet.

Why do girls vaginas smell like fish

Why do girls vaginas smell like fish

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    Some people also suggest it smells like rotting meat.

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    Your doctor can remove the tampon and make sure no pieces are left behind. Follow I think my vagina smells.

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    Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes frequently. Get in touch here and we'll do our best to ask the experts and get back to you.

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    Does wearing particular clothing trigger it?

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