Some people like hugs and some do not. Regardless of how you feel about hugging, it is important to understand a few basic ground rules for hugs at work.

When is hugging inappropriate

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You can always say that you're avoiding touch out of concern that you might spread something you've been exposed to, even if you're really afraid of catching something from the other person. This type of hug is usually performed by parents and close friends and is often used to console another person. Is it okay to hug a coworker?

When is hugging inappropriate

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You should see it in your inbox very soon. Do not hug anyone at the office you are dating. Avoid mixing hugs with non-hugs.

When is hugging inappropriate

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The last thing you want to do is give your colleague a cold, or catch one from him or her. When in doubt about the appropriateness of hugging another person, simply extend your hand for a handshake. This type of hug usually lasts about one second.

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So if you feel like a hug is warranted and none of the obstacles above apply, I say go for it. On the other hand, if you routinely see this person and nothing special is going on, then a hug probably isn't warranted.

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So if you're uncertain about your own health, or the other person seems to be fighting an infection, stick to a handshake at most, although not touching at all is probably safest. It can be a good idea to let someone know you are a hugger and ask permission before going in for a hug. Pound Hug This type of hug is almost always performed between two males and is a combination between a handshake and a one-armed hug.

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This type of hug usually lasts about one second. With hugs, as with kisses, another person's body language will tell you whether he or she is willing to accept a hug or not. Especially if it's someone you don't know well? The type of hug two people partake in speaks volumes about their relationship.

Some people like hugs and some do not. Regardless of how you feel about hugging, it is important to understand a few basic ground rules for hugs at work. Do you like to hug? Learn common hugging techniques and etiquette with this hugging guide and discover the difference between the way males and females. Mar 15, - Of course, there is a line of professionalism to be respected and there are clear examples of where 'hugging' would be deemed inappropriate.

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Take this short quiz and see where you stand. Consider the balance of power.

When is hugging inappropriate

It can be tough to strike a balance between gestures of camaraderie and inappropriate hugging. You'll almost never offend someone with a handshake. The hand hug is also the most appropriate form of affection in the workplace, used to congratulate or greet someone.

When is hugging inappropriate

When is hugging inappropriate

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Dancefloor Hug - This decisive of hug is also notwithstanding reserved for thorny partners. Pay far attention to produce language. This hug can be played using one arm or two.

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    Is the person leaning in, or distancing him or herself?

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    Hugging Between Men and Women Hugging between men and women can signify attraction or friendship, depending on the duration and type of hug.

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