Sep 7, - Death was not something I'd considered as a possible consequence of about what killed the dinosaurs—and invalidate the asteroid-impact theory that many of us And it has all the aspects of a really nice story,” she said.

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What really killed the dinosaurs

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The physics behind this impact-volcano combo is not firm, say scientists on both sides of the debate. All descended from egg-laying reptiles known as archosaurs.

What really killed the dinosaurs

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At the geological society meeting last year, DePalma pulled up slides of fish fossils found inside the tsunami deposits. That crater has not yet been found. Right underneath the iridium was a layer of 'spherules', tiny balls of rock which seemed to have been condensed from rock which had been vapourised by a massive impact. Very few people realize that prior to , the majority of paleontologists did not believe in mass extinctions.

What really killed the dinosaurs


Quantum physics, a field of study which emerged later, is a more accurate way of explaining the motions and behavior of matter. For example, water is a chemical made of two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. In , a team of researchers including father-son duo Luis and Walter Alvarez reported discovering lots of iridium in places worldwide. Noting that some parts of the world were affected by the Deccan eruptions before the impact is not enough to show that life overall was stressed back then, says Joanna Morgan.

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It can happen naturally or in response to human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels and clearing of forests. Dr Norman MacLeod of the Natural History Museum in London is among a large group of scientists who are convinced the dinosaurs were already being driven to extinction by climate change long before the arrival of the KT impact, or impacts.

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A 10km-wide meteorite had smashed into the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, causing worldwide forest fires, tsunamis several kilometres high, and an 'impact winter' - in which dust blocked out the sun for months or years. Then, all of the carbon flung into the air by the impact took effect.

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Then comes the soot. The debris originated from the nearby Western Interior Seaway.

Sep 7, - Death was not something I'd considered as a possible consequence of about what killed the dinosaurs—and invalidate the asteroid-impact theory that many of us And it has all the aspects of a really nice story,” she said. The truth behind the demise of the dinosaurs may never be fully resolved, but a growing body of evidence has convinced many scientists that at least one of the. Sep 14, - The prevailing theory says a meteorite killed the dinosaurs. But one holdout scientist isn't buying it.

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And it must have been truly dramatic, reports Clay Tabor. People who work in this field are known as geoscientists. And he and his colleagues have reconstructed a sort of digital crime scene.

What really killed the dinosaurs

It shows up in southwestern France and elsewhere. The asteroid impact that caused a massive global extinction event can be found on the coast of Mexico. This inflames the lymph nodes, causing them to swell.

What really killed the dinosaurs

What really killed the dinosaurs

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    In this case, it looks like there was an ongoing flood-basalt event whose activity was accelerated by the meteor impact.

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    They concluded that there was a gap of some , years between the deposition of the spherules from the Chicxulub crater and the iridium from an asteroid.

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    The lecture is Tuesday, Oct. The mineral crystals that make up rock are usually too small to be seen with the unaided eye.

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    But there was also flood volcanism at that time in India, creating the Deccan Traps. How did you get into studying dinosaurs?

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