English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. Coined by Carl Jung, from the Ancient Greek ???? (l?th?, “forgetfulness”) + ????? (l?gos, “word”).

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What is lethologica

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The active vocabulary used by an adult in speech and writing is much less than this, but according to David Crystal it often exceeds 50, words. The only additional thing for me is the inability to draw up the definition of the word. All of the words I've forgotten so far are keywords. How well we can recall a word may depend on links to other important bits of information Recalling every word in our vocabulary can be tough.

What is lethologica


As many of us will intuitively understand, the brain does not function like a computer, where data is neatly stored away and retrieved at the press of a button. Most of the time I know what I'm going to say in my head but then when I say it out loud it comes out all jumbled up. We've certainly seen transient expressive aphasia, however. And so, the many thousands of words stored in our brains that we rarely use may be harder to recall at short notice, because we have not yet formed the necessary links to other important bits of information that make memories easily retrievable.

What is lethologica

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This could possibly be the result of bilinguals using the words less often than monolingual speakers. The areas activated during TOT may vary depending on the nature of the target word. Such mechanisms introduce added processing burden that monolinguals do not face.

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I have learned a lot about ADD, learning disabilities, Bipolar, allergies, etc. For instance, the Oxford English Dictionary contains some , words, and even these do not represent the totality of the English vocabulary.

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It's just a sensation. Words from this passive vocabulary form a large subset of the words experienced in lethologica. When the prime word has similar phonology to the target word, an increase in the frequency of TOT states and a higher frequency of correctly recalled words when the TOT state is resolved is observed. Lethologica is the technical term for this type of forgetting.

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As many of us will intuitively understand, the brain does not function like a computer, where data is neatly stored away and retrieved at the press of a button. It is common for individuals to ascribe emotions to TOTs. Like many other English terms associated with the mind, lethologica is a modern word derived from classical Greek. The month-long ones only happen if I don't bring up the topic I was talking about initially, and the word tends to be a word that is unique to the topic.

If the inability to recall words, phrases, or names is a temporary but debilitating disorder, it is known as lethologica. Oct 15, - Lethologica or or Tip of the Tongue Phenomenon. It is known as lethologica or the tip of the tongue phenomenon. Psychologists define this phenomenon as a feeling that accompanies the temporary inability to retrieve information from memory. Dec 1, - Lethologica is a condition in which someone cannot remember words, key phrases, and names. This results in an inability to express or.

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What was wrong with me? To get around it, I try using synonyms or use the long way of expressing myself by using definitions and examples.

What is lethologica

I can type and write because I take my time thinking, but when I talk, sometimes I can't find the easiest words. Specifically, early-acquired words tend to be named more quickly and accurately than late-acquired words age of acquisition effect.

What is lethologica

What is lethologica

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    We'll be interested to know if anyone out here Rocky Mountain region is familiar with this, and the third party payment value of it as a diagnosis.

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    However, it is possible to fix this problem by changing the syntactic class of the priming word. It seems like the brain simply shuts down temporarily.

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    Evidence that comes from the usefulness of priming and practice in reducing TOT states is that most information in TOT states is low-frequency; that is, it has not been used or recalled for some time.

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