What does jb mean? umm it can meen the In texting lingo what does pov mean? Point of View What does kks stand for in text lingo? kk as in ok. s for sexy.

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What does jb mean in texting

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A person who said or did amazing or funny things. Internet joke or quip writer. As a Chinese Internet slang term, it describes awe-inspiring technology that is beyond the understanding of the average people.

What does jb mean in texting

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To fall into water. To play in an unrestrained way. Meeting the standards set by authorities or experts in the field. This invitation is used before pointing out the poignant reality or harsh-sounding advice and asking the audience to accept it.

What does jb mean in texting

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This term is often used to refer to oneself as a form of self-mockery. The implication is negative. To swallow the bitter pill. It also refers to an unexpected twist in the story.

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A world that favors good appearance. To play in an unrestrained way. This expression is now used to express astonishment or amazement.


This Internet slang term is often used to describe someone who is mature, calm, reserved, stern, and aloof. To get out of a pit. A person with a poor sense of directions.

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Attributing personal setbacks to the cultural obsession with appearance. Those women usually caption their waist-length hair with wishes about dating and relationships. Of behavior not decent or not ethical.

What does JB mean? We know definitions for JB abbreviation or acronym in 8 categories. Possible JB meaning as an acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or. Nov 25, - The complex is know as CIQ if you tell a taxi for example they will know where you mean to go if you say CIQ. photo of Johor Bahru CIQ. May 27, - like i was texting a guy and he said jb? also, i've seen it other places what's it mean? please, don't say jonas brothers obviously it's not in this.

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This Internet slang term is used to convey derision in a childlike manner. The golden arched door.

What does jb mean in texting

They are self-centered, temperamental, needy, attention-seeking, and often fall victim to consumerism. To root for [someone or something].

What does jb mean in texting

What does jb mean in texting

It is often drawn all-mockingly and rather proudly by cat circles. To observe against [someone]. What does jb mean in texting

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  1. Kazisar says:

    This Internet slang term is often used to describe couples in movies or TV series.

  2. Gardataur says:

    A popular Internet slang term referring to the stereotypical ideal boyfriend or husband in contemporary Chinese society. As an Internet slang term, it usually refers to literary property, the literary works generally covered by copyright but also an associated set of property rights.

  3. Kajikree says:

    To catch a [cute person, animal, or thing] alive. To appear, to show up.

  4. Shadal says:

    This term is usually used to explain the reason why the male lead fell in love with the female lead.

  5. Yorg says:

    League of Legends, a multiplayer online video game.

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