I have warts that I thought were genital warts on my inner thighs, and recently found out from my OB-GYN that they are not.

Warts inner thigh

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Who is at an increased risk for warts? Freezing treatments These over-the-counter treatments spray concentrated cold air a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane onto your wart. Interferon a substance injected in to the wart.

Warts inner thigh

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Touching an object that someone infected with human papillomavirus has contacted may transfer the virus to the hands, which can then lead to the development of warts between the legs if the hands aren't promptly washed, the KidsHealth website states. This has the advantage of getting rid of warts in a single office visit.

Warts inner thigh

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Find out where you can get vaccinated today. This makes it hard to know exactly when or from whom someone got the virus. Any person who is sexually active can get genital warts. Similarly, sharing towels, bedding or clothing can allow for the transmission of human papillomavirus and subsequent development of warts between the legs.

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Your doctor can cut away your wart with a surgical knife or burn it with electricity. Talk with your healthcare provider about your Pap test schedule.


Once you get the first shot, you need the second shot two months later. How long will it take to recover?

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Flat warts are smooth, flat-topped, flesh- or brownish-yellow-colored bumps the size of a pinhead. Can genital warts be treated?

Warts can develop on any area of the body including those on inner thighs. They are benign tumor growths of skin caused by human papillomavirus. There are hundreds of human papilloma viruses (HPV) but warts are mainly caused by HPV1 and HPV2 strains. You may think you're showing signs of genital warts but it can be hard to tell. There are They can sometimes appear inside your genitals and may be difficult to spot. If you think Men should examine their penis, scrotum, groin and thighs. Jun 25, - These warts that are growing on the moist skin inside are pink and flat. These warts on the edge of the moist skin look almost white. Finally.

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HPV is a virus, and there is no direct treatment for the virus. They are very slightly raised, and sometimes hardly noticeable. Also, it can be hard to tell the difference between a wart and normal bumps on the genital area.

Warts inner thigh

The second dose of the vaccine should be given months following the first. In general, 23 percent of warts will disappear within two months, 30 percent within three months, and up to 78 percent within two years.

Warts inner thigh

Warts inner thigh

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    This is rarely used anymore due to extensive side effects and high cost. The process involves covering the wart with a small piece of duct tape for several days, then soaking the wart, and, finally, rubbing the wart to remove the dead skin.

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