Vip72 is the largest provider of Socks proxy service claiming to offer proxies from countries and over 25 thousand available IP's. Socks is an Internet protocol.

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The site utilizes the best SSL certificate for maximum security and there are zero trackers present on all pages. You will need to configure the service manually. Follow the steps below:


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Guy Fawkes Various tips from anonymous experts Vip72's website is rather basic, and reviews on the service across the internet are predominantly negative towards the company. However, do not expect to get early responses. Previously, security researchers in the US were investigating Vip72 for possible involvement in spreading the Bunitu Trojan Botnet.


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The download file is hardly 2MB and takes few seconds to install. Upon infecting registries, blocking antivirus, and decreasing internet speed, this botnet accepts connections from exposed ports to bypass traffic from all over the world.

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Upon selecting a proxy, a window will open displaying full statistics. You can read more about it in this article from ZDNet. Select a suitable plan with the SOCKS client, and you will be redirected to the download page for the client.

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You can email the service at support j. Many often search for login usernames and passwords on Google, which redirects them to many YouTube videos and other scam sites. The site does not even have a contact form!

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Therefore, even if you want to use Vip72 on your Mac or iPhone, you will have to rely on services like Tunnelblick! You will see different color designations.

We are Vip72 agents selling cheaper. Vip72 1 Moth Maximum U-1 35$. Vip72 45 Days Maximum U-2 50$. Vip72 2 Month Maximum U-3 65$. Vip72 3 Month. Nov 6, - cannot completely ensure the security of the software hosted on third-party sites. We have a large quantity of online socks and proxy servers - at all times we have lots of socks online. We guarantee that our proxy and socks servers are completely anonymous(proxies don. Jul 8, - Vip72's website is rather basic, and reviews on the service across the internet are predominantly negative towards the company. But here are the facts about them; they offer a completely anonymous VPN service; hiding your IP with their encrypted socks. Compare VIP72 VPN with the.

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Video about vip72:

This is perhaps the first service we observed respecting complete anonymity. Upon selecting a proxy, a window will open displaying full statistics. As a special security measure, you do have DoubleVPN available a protocol that very few providers offer.


They offer IP addresses in countries, and they guarantee that their proxy and socks servers will completely hide your browsing activity. The support team of VPN is very sluggish. The customers are entirely responsible for the risks associated with joining the service.



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