Oct 24, - The first question is why are you trying to delay your period, and for how . to suspend your period, such as drinking gelatin, or even vinegar.

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Vinegar to delay period

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But, is there a pill to delay period or to make it stop? If you soak yourself in hot water, the temperature of your body will be increased and your abdominal muscles will be relaxed. Unfortunately, your period will be back when you leave the bathroom. These foods can make the period much easier for you and bring you relief.

Vinegar to delay period


If you are lucky enough, you may also stop your period completely if you use some of our home remedies and methods. Before doing this you can seek advice from a good therapist.

Vinegar to delay period

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If you want to shorten your period, it is recommended to increase your daily intake of vitamins and minerals, especially right before your next period. Some women feel aching during the period for consuming lemon. It is recommended to take it times daily, but you should consult your doctor first. Water will lighten your blood and it will expel things from your body much faster.

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These vitamins and nutrients may not stop your period, but they will reduce the symptoms and bring you relief. If you want to stop your period or to make it shorter, then we also recommend you to massage the uterus area.

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Then, start boiling it. Parsley leaves How to delay your period These leaves contain lots of vitamins, and they help in strengthening the bones, immunity and nervous system. As watermelon has cooling properties it might help in postponing your monthly period. A glass of filtered water and 3 to 4 spoons of vinegar two or three times a day would do it for you and postpone periods for 3 or even 4 days.

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However, these pills are not the safest options to a woman since they can affect the reproductive system. There is a special injection that you can receive in order to stop your period for a year or two. You will have no adverse effect from it. Also, it is proved that pineapples may reduce bleeding and ease your period.

You could simply chew a slice of lemon to delay your periods or drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar twice a day. This should. Mar 8, - Apple cider vinegar has been the health elixir that people can't seem to stop talking about. If you have ever taken an ACV shot or have just. Aug 24, - High doses of ibuprofen may help you delay your period for an event or special vacation. But they don't always work for everyone. Here's what.

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Buy a standard size gelatin packet; pour hot water into gelatin and then start blending it. And when we say avoid, just eliminate the spicy foods altogether for results. Add honey and drink this mixture times a day.

Vinegar to delay period

Doing this for one week before your actual period date will delay your period. There are also many other herbal remedies that can make your period finish early.

Vinegar to delay period

Vinegar to delay period

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  1. Faukinos says:

    Home remedies to postpone periods may not be as harmful as drugs and hormones.

  2. Yoshura says:

    Then, drink this solution Another option for you is to consume this root by boiling it in water. Foods they can delay periods naturally Now, we like to make a list of those foods, which can hold back your periods Lemon Lemon, containing citric acid, helps you in playing a trick for postponing your period.

  3. Neran says:

    Licorice Root This root is effective at postponing your periods.

  4. Dashicage says:

    If you want to stop your period early, you should change your diet and your overall lifestyle. Lemons and Vinegar How to get periods immediately Lemon and vinegar are acidic in nature, which helps to detoxify the body and delay periods.

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