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The Japanese games, of course, would only have Japanese entries. The short version is that you can do what you like with the code, as long as you say where you got it. This is the one case where pickle is actually useful: The downside is mostly that the UI would have to consolidate this, and the results might be a little funky.


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Also, the site will handle older games correctly, probably! This was an actual feature of the game:


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I just hope that pickle will be quick enough, or this whole idea falls apart. I know, I know: More interesting data we've never had before, like trainer teams and overworld items!

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At the other extreme, I could treat the older games as though they were separate versions themselves. It's currently being maintained by only a single person eevee , who is also preoccupied with a lot of other things. An unadorned Pokemon could act as a set of 1, then?


I guess I could dump every language game at the same time. This was an actual feature of the game: If you take that to be the schema, then the obvious thing to do is to have a separate file for every game in every language:

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The increased storage space of the Nintendo DS changed things. An extreme solution would be to pretend that X and Y are several different games: I know, I know:

veekun: I did some actual work I have abilities ripped to YAML and a script that successfully loads them into the database, and I've taken a stab at items. Aug 5, - I run veekun, a little niche Pok?dex website that mostly focuses on (a) very accurate data for every version, derived directly from the games and. 0. voters. share. Dataset. pokemon database veekun. ClearNote updated 8 months ago (Version 1). DataOverviewKernelsDiscussionActivity. Download (

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From X and Y, there are no localizations. This does raise the question of exactly how I generate such a file without constantly reloading and redumping it. That means the YAML project is finally starting to show some promise, but it's taking me forever to actually get Sun and Moon data on the site.


Who knows, but working on this stuff should be easier with all this existing code in place! The data will include everything from older games, so you don't have to guess!



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