Spanish music groups all the different music genres that are found in this European nation. It includes traditional forms like flamenco, folk music like sardana.

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Types of spanish music

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The most popular Galician form of music has to be the alalas. A variant of jota, known as isa, is practiced here.

Types of spanish music

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Bandes, which are groups of musicians playing various brass instruments, are commonly found performing all over, even in small towns. Other popular styles include the sevillana and siguiriyas. The dancers sometimes use castanets while dancing.

Types of spanish music


The famous opera Carmen, composed by George Bizet, features a jota as a transition between the 3rd and 4th act. Merging of these styles occurred during the period when the Holy Roman Empire and the Burgundy were part of the dominions under Charles I king of Spain from to , since composers from the North of Europe visited Spain, and native Spaniards traveled within the empire, which extended to the Netherlands , Germany and Italy. Where Can I Hear Reggaeton? Murcia Murcia was once colonized by the Moors, hence the music also reflects Moorish influence.

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The third theme typically includes a solo by the bombardino and, often, a return to the first theme or a coda at the end. Plena is a narrative song from the coastal regions of Puerto Rico, especially around Ponce, Puerto Rico. Cobla involves the use of clarinets, and other folk instruments including tambori and tenora.


They added their own flair to salsa and turned it into what we hear today in the United States. As rural farmers moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico and other cities, they brought plena with them and eventually added horns and improvised call and response vocals. The classic guitar prevails and other traditional string instruments, like bandurrias a flat-backed instrument belonging to the lute family , are also common. Live jazz festivals are very popular in the country, and crowds throng to attend them.

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What is Tejano and Where did it Come From? The industry has also produced several artists who tasted international success, the most famous being the father-son duo of Julio and Enrique Iglesias.

The music of Spain has a long history. It has played an important role in the development of While these forms of music are common, there are many different traditional musical and dance styles across the regions. For example, music from  ?Origins of the music of Spain · ?Music by region · ?Popular music in Spain · ?Performers. Jul 27, - Latin American music is music that comes from countries in Central and South America, as well as Spanish-speaking nations in the Caribbean. Bomba and  Why is flamenco music not as popular as other types of Spanish. Spanish music groups all the different music genres that are found in this European nation. It includes traditional forms like flamenco, folk music like sardana.

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For much of these period up to eight centuries, in some areas , Spain's Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities coexisted rather peacefully and various facets of their respective culture were free to develop. Hear it for Yourself….

Types of spanish music

This country has a huge musical diversity. It includes traditional forms like flamenco, folk music like sardana, and contemporary productions from commercial pop to new interpretations of traditional pieces. Spanish Pop This genre of music, which was repressed under Francisco Franco's dictatorial rule, witnessed a boom in the early s, and continues to prosper.

Types of spanish music

Types of spanish music

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    Musical creativity mainly moved into areas of popular music until the nationalist revival of the late Romantic era.

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