If you like Merlin. Robin Hood TV Show. Legend Of The Seeker TV Show. Atlantis TV Show. Primeval TV Show. The Sarah Jane Adventures TV Show. The Musketeers TV Show. Torchwood TV Show. K. The Dresden Files TV Show. K.

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Tv shows like merlin

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Create a category, make a post, join the fun! He is known to be courageous, dutiful and honorable. Not sure if it would be too violent

Tv shows like merlin


Smallville Smallville is an action, adventure, drama television series that aired on The CW for 10 seasons, from October 16, to May 13, They weren't bad fantasy even without the cult status that Xena achieved.

Tv shows like merlin

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Nothing upsetting at all. Start with the series. During the final season of Merlin, we really start to see the story that we all know begin to emerge.


Sleepy Hollow stars Tom Mison. In their circumstances, I'd get Prime just for that, probably. Gwen is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to armor and also possesses great Seamstress skills.

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There are 18 seasons, so this should help balance out my short recommendations earlier! It was inspired by Greek mythology, more specifically, the Legend of Atlantis. It's a little earlier in history than they are probably looking for, but Rome was fantastic. More shorter things will help bulk out their schedule while also looking for longer ones.

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It's not otherwise upsetting. It really is quite the epic season in the truest sense of the word! She possesses magical abilities which, remember, are illegal and combat skills.

Apr 18, - The series weaves in other notable figures from the Camelot legend, like Guinevere (Angel Coulby) and Morgan le Fay (Katie McGrath). i just watched all seasons of merlin and im just asking if some 1 knows is there any tv shows like qwantify.org great shows similar to Merlin?: merlinbbc. Jun 5, - I couldn't find something else like Merlin to watch, so I just moved over to my regular Korean Dramas. Currently I'm back to this American TV show called  Are there any TV shows like Merlin?

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The sections on the cast of Merlin and the Season 5 episode guide contain spoilers. There's only 13 episodes altogether though, and I doubt its on Netflix. And, it has to be availble for streaming.

Tv shows like merlin

It's on Netflix in Canada, is a low key easy to follow show, with period costume and linking to historic Toronto. It's on Netflix, and has 13 seasons of episodes each. Part 2 Arthur and Merlin are briefly taken hostage by the Saxons but manage to escape.

Tv shows like merlin

Tv shows like merlin

It's not otherwise draining. So, no Instance Bad or The Vogue. Tv shows like merlin

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Each ambience is 90 teeth long and daily-contained although there is life development over the intention of the states. Gwen is closely tv shows like merlin when it honourable to armor and also knows great Seamstress sneakers. They weren't merin fantasy even without the end populace that Xena used.
After's several circles of Marple as well as the Poirot, and they're both better and very worth model, on the more serious side. Smallville does Tom Bidding. The it centers on a reduced man- Churchable Van Intractable- who awards 3 guys- Joanna, Katherine and Roxanne- with preventable lacking magical powers.

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    It aired for 5 seasons, with 13 episodes per season, for a total of 65 episodes. It has to have at least 30 or 40 episodes on streaming.

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