This Website was built for the people Ngai Tuhoe, by Ngai Tuhoe for Ngai Tuhoe. It is planned that this site will evolve over time building a reputation that will.

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Ownership is the proof that something is yours to sell. And in , you came and pointed guns at my children. Mostly older people, but a few younger ones and a gaggle of children, laid out sleepings bags on the floor, tangata whenua on their side, visitors on ours. That young woman and another parent moved and seconded the motion to reject the offer.


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Such sentiments are strongest in the Urewera area, where a small minority of Tuhoe's 33, still live. But many who have left—to Auckland or Wellington, or higher-paying jobs across the Tasman—have returned. Ruhia Temara gives her one-year-old, Te Ruanuku Teka, his bottle in her home in Uwhiurae, one of 12 marae dotted around Ruatahuna. Dusk and dawn are when the mauri, or life force, of the forest is strongest, she said.


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Sleeping and eating were strictly separated, he told me. Tangi last for three days, or longer, drawing Tuhoe from throughout the country—and beyond—to honour the passing of loved ones and to maintain kinship bonds. I have no difficulties with the flag.

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The rangatahi start believing they are dumb. His gang family and his new family. Hunters wishing to use a firearm must abide by the conditions of the Arms Act , the Arms Code


Tuhoe had been granted something unique and precious. In the Tuhoe rohe there are 40 marae and not enough women to serve as kaikaranga—the women who call visitors on to the marae. It is my world. People define themselves by where they and their loved ones are in the tidal flow—going out, coming in.

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Remarkably, for a time at least, it also looked like the New Zealand government would give Tuhoe a form of independence. Tuhoe history should make you weep.

Feb 8, - Origins. When the Mataatua canoe arrived in the Bay of Plenty, the voyagers found three tribes already living there – Ng? P?tiki, Te Tini o Toi. T?hoe leader T?mati Kruger delivered this year's annual Bruce Jesson Memorial Lecture at the University of Auckland on 31 October: Koia M?rika — So it is. Ng?i T?hoe often known simply as T?hoe, is a M?ori iwi ("tribe") of New Zealand. It takes its name from an ancestral figure, T?hoe-p?tiki. The word t?hoe literally  ?History · ?19th century · ?Twentieth century · ? police raid.

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Each hunter was given an exact number of birds to collect, always a multiple of At Lake Waikaremoana, the officer in charge of the expeditionary force gloated that his men had destroyed a quantity of potatoes that would have fed men for 15 months. In the decision-making of Tuhoe, Tame is not a major player, but we recognise the effects he has had outside of Tuhoe.


The mountainous terrain was daunting for farming. Trade, agriculture, even banking and mining, were part of his plan. This was most of their fertile, cropping land, and the pathway to rich sources of kaimoana in the sea.



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    They closed access to their lands. It is my mountains, my rivers, my marae, my hapu.

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    Otenuku and Te Papakainga. He is studying for a degree in social work.

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    Tahi said that there was probably no one alive today who knew the exact location of the tree, or if it was still standing.

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