Oct 1, - True hermaphroditism (TH) refers to individuals who have both unequivocal ovarian tissue and testicular elements regardless of their.

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True human hermaphrodite


Treatment of intersex in humans depends upon the age at which the diagnosis is made. No case had bilateral ovotestes Table 1. Chordee correction was performed 18 months back, elsewhere.

True human hermaphrodite

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Squamous metaplasia of the endocervix may occur. The possibility of chimerism has not been excluded, however, or even, in most cases, vigorously pursued. These karyotypes probably arise by mitotic nondisjunction, although chimerism has not been excluded.

True human hermaphrodite


No 46,XY true hermaphrodites definitely had bilateral ovotestes, although one possible case was reported by Sandberg et al. However, they develop breasts during puberty and menstruate and in only rare cases actually produce sperm.

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The preponderance of gonads existing in the form of ovotestes in South Africa is less pronounced elsewhere. We are reporting this case for the reason of extreme rarity of this disorder of sexual differentiation with 46 XY Karyotyping.

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Ultrasound report showed left undescended testis which was not visible in inguinal canal or abdomen. Treatment of intersex in humans depends upon the age at which the diagnosis is made. In older individuals the accepted gender may be reinforced by the appropriate surgical procedures and by hormonal therapy. Serum testosterone level was 1.


Treatment of intersex in humans depends upon the age at which the diagnosis is made. Presence of a uterus in true hermaphroditism is diagnostically useful, particularly in the rare 46,XY case.

The gonads of human true hermaphrodites. Gonadal distribution in cases of human true hermaphroditism is reviewed. True hermaphrodites with a 46,XX karyotype most commonly have an ovary on one side and an ovotestis on the other side; those with a Y-chromosome have a testis in 61% of cases. INTRODUCTION: True hermaphroditism is rare but has been reported in more than qwantify.org diagnosis requires the presence of both ovarian and. Jul 30, - True hermaphrodite or ovo-testicular disorder of sexual differentiation (OVO-DSD) is one of the rarest variety of all inter sex anomalies. In about 90% of cases, patients have 46 XX karyotype. Rarely, 46 XY/46 XX mosaicism may occur. There have been reports of 46 XY karyotype [1].?Abstract · ?INTRODUCTION · ?CASE REPORT · ?DISCUSSION.

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There have been reports of 46 XY karyotype [ 1 ]. Biopsy report confirmed ovary, fallopian tube and uterus on left side.

True human hermaphrodite

Right gonad was identified as ovotestis consisting of a ovum in a primary follicle and testicular tubule with thickened basement membranes and showing no evidence of spermatogenic activity. Wiersma found that of cases in South Africa reported in , no patient showed normal male or female external genetalia.

True human hermaphrodite

True human hermaphrodite

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    The patient had pubic hair,right testis measured 8cc,the left 4cc and the penis measured approximately 6 cm.

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    Because only a few cases have been associated with a given karyotype, generalizations would be unwise; however, alternating gonadal hermaphroditism occurs relatively frequently.

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    Van Niekerk, whose elegant book in analyzed a presumably different South African cohort, reported at the time that the greater the proportion of testicular tissue in an ovotestis, the greater the likelihood of gonadal descent. Serum testosterone level was 1.

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    Chordee correction was performed 18 months back, elsewhere.

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    The persistent Mullerian structures were excised and sent for histopathology.

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