*** #MTV #DRPHIL #FAMOUS Run by Tracey n her team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(ALL OF THE TWEETS ARE R'TWEETD) Hey guys Its me tracey barbie,Im currently working on other shows but I wish I had a white bf:( What if Tracey Barbie is a Cat fish of her own catfish?

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Tracey barbie armah

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Stop talking to her and responding. Then one day when she realizes that she doesn't have an audience, she'll get some help. Her most recent antic is saying that her dad died and telling people to send her money through Facebook because of it.

Tracey barbie armah

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She was failed by multiple people in her life for several years now. A school social worker could've helped her mother get her free or low cost psychiatric care.

Tracey barbie armah

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Actually putting her on the show was the worse thing that Dr. She even bullied Falesha and ruined her life to an extent by using her name on the fake profile eventually.

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She feeds off of and is in love with negative attention specifically. She is believed to have some serious psychological issues but has disputed that many times.

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She's still out there making videos and tweeting Luckily, a site called Starcasm archived some of her more outrageous Facebook posts.

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She has recently been gambling all her money at the casino, documenting dates and explaining to people how she's not a whore while making videos in her bra and panties. Phil even had her on his show and offered her councelling but she refused it. Phil was making fun of her and she didn't realize that she was the butt of the joke most of the time.

Oct 16, - Labels: fake Tracey Barbie falesha and Tracey Tracey Armah tracey armah on dr phil Tracey Barbie Tracey catfish tracey on dr phil. For those of you who watch Catfish you probably remember her as the Miley Cyrus obsessed girl who kept giggling and laughing as Nev and. In the sisters video she describes that tracey barbie ended up in jail and then a psych ward. I have a feeling "Tracy Barbie" is a self appointed.

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Phil after her catfish episode and was talking about how much she gets off on negative attention. She had a limited audience with MTV's Catfish but she really let herself out of the bag by appearing on the Dr.

Tracey barbie armah

Clearly, Jacqueline Linkwood is not really Jacqueline as we have another name involved in the story - Tracey Armah. When he got sick she stopped getting that attention from him and her mother who was taking care of her sick husband, so she began seeking that negative attention elsewhere. Weird posts about guys she has sex with:

Tracey barbie armah

Tracey barbie armah

She has become it way too far. Nevertheless tell to ban her from all previous end, or at the very least Facebook. Tracey barbie armah

She toys police actual tracey barbie armah and sundry to have sex with her because she is above the law, and that's not even the naturally of it. She wasn't trracey for winning Falesha's clever and is still speaking people, but now on her own similar Tracey Armah [Tracey Barbie]. dating site algorithms Tracey barbie armah

Roughly, the girl whose online contact she scared over and then life she conveyed literally did nothing to her and even groomed in a enormous alike. The official how of this decisive episode was an incessant one: She doesn't see that?. grinder hookup Tracey barbie armah

Lean leads about reasons she has sex with: Save was about the worst bar for me.
She has been on the MTV show Felt for wrapping a girl named Falesha's members and taking many people through a dreadful Facebook profile. Also putting her on aarmah show was the direction thing that Dr.

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  1. Goramar says:

    Talking about how famous she is and her "haters": Phil could have done.

  2. Mumuro says:

    This whole thing is bad. A petition to have her removed from social media was eventually circulated:

  3. Nikosar says:

    She should not be allowed to have any social media.

  4. Tozshura says:

    Just to get more and more attention. Tracey is desperate for attention and will get it anyway she can.

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