Aug 7, - NORTHUMBERLAND An autopsy failed to determine the cause of death An autopsy on Todd Sees, performed by forensic pathologist Samue.

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Todd sees autopsy report

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We will pursue the case, to the best of our ability, and will attempt to bring some satisfactory resolution to this apparent mystery. At this point, the enigma apparently dropped off the ufological radar until Witkowski picked up the case some four years ago. Most of all, we hope to be able to obtain copies of the official reports pertaining to the death, if and when they are released, and we will report them here in a final report.

Todd sees autopsy report

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At one point in the interview, Witkowski mentions that one family member recalls Sees being treated for cocaine addiction at halfway house; other family members have no recollection of him being admitted to a half way house. This is a continuing investigation. The episode can be found here:

Todd sees autopsy report

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I was able to capture a 20 second iPhone5 video of it. I was quite scared. The object made a low humming noise, it was very large my father said a football field at least or more.

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This time I had my phone. The flashing beam phenomenon was practically happening on my deck, so I quickly came back inside out of fear. The object appears to be moving because the phone is bouncing everywhere. Again, I mean absolutely no disrespect to the family or friends of Todd Sees.

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The entire area from the top of the ridge, adjacent woods and the family property was explored When witnessed last week the object acted in the same manner. It is impossible for something so gigantic to fly.

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Sees that we have attempted to answer, but which we feel remain unresolved, as of the date of this summary: Not ill, but my stomach began to feel very odd. Last time it headed back east but it faded out. Once rescuers cleared the area of growth, they found the lifeless body of Todd Sees.

Mar 7, - year-old Pennsylvania hunter and outdoorsman Todd Sees wakes A toxicology report, released months later, suggests “cocaine toxicity”. May 3, - So with that in mind, let's look to the case of Todd Sees. . Through sheer determination and luck, the full official autopsy report was recently. The Todd Sees Death Investigation has entered a new phase. .. The toxicology report and the coroner's determination of death was inconsistent with the time.

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By this time, my mind was exhausted, and I just couldn't comprehend anything else, so I came inside and tried to go to bed. The object was definitely not moving though.

Todd sees autopsy report

Specific details, other than what had been presented earlier , will not be disclosed at this time. If this was an indeed an abduction, it was certainly an abduction that was meant to have an outcome witnessed and tested by some terrestrial agency.

Todd sees autopsy report

Todd sees autopsy report

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    Sees, which have yet to be resolved by any follow-up investigation.

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    If the death of Mr.

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    Todd Sees body had been discovered On September 14th, at 1:

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