Tom Zap. $ Titaya's signature recipe! Tender pork ribs in a Thai herb broth with young tamarind leaf, onion, and fresh mushrooms.

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However, this time the beef was very chewy and we struggled to finish the dish. There was only a handful of chicken chunks in the entire plate and felt like we were just eating vegetables. When entering the restaurant you will be greeted by simple, tasteful decor. Coconut is in my top three ice cream flavors.


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Betty and seeing the delight in his eyes made it all the more special. But it was new for Mr. I love the rich and spicy green curry filled with succulent eggplant, bamboo shoots, peppers and basil. We admit that it feels slightly cramped because of the low ceilings and close proximity to other patrons.


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She also picked up our dishes as soon as we were done with them, unlike some restaurants that just let the empty plates sit and get in the way. We ordered the vegetable egg rolls and they were pretty good!

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It was too hot to stand outside with the masses, so we huddled in a corner by the hostess with lots of others. The other two are Coffee and Butternut Pecan. Perfect amount of crunch and the insides were yummy. The sweet and sour sauce complemented the egg rolls well.

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Their lunch specials offer the best bang for your buck and the dinner prices are quite reasonable as well. Whenever we had requests, she fulfilled them right away, even before tending to her other tables. The chili-lime sauce is fantastic and although we asked for mild, it still cleared up our sinuses.

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We started with Goong Kra-Bok. The mango was fresh and added a fruity sweetness to an already sweet dessert.

May 21, - So let's talk about Titaya's on North Lamar. Back in the day Titaya's was always crazy crowded, so Rob and I never ate in, only got takeout a. Thinking of visiting Titaya's Thai Cuisine in Austin? Explore their menu, read reviews, get directions and compare prices before you go! View the online menu of Titaya's Thai Cuisine and other restaurants in Austin, Texas.

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This had a glorious afterburn. However, due to the affordability and quality of food — we will be visiting this establishment often!


The curry was delicious and had the right amount of spice. I was expecting some exotic looking stuffed shrimp, but it was more like an eggroll. Our meat of choice was chicken but were disappointed at how much they skimped out on it.



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  1. Golticage says:

    Finally a great Thai place in Austin. This had a glorious afterburn.

  2. Vudoktilar says:

    Perfect amount of crunch and the insides were yummy. Pad Cha Moo Pork was stir fried with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and young green peppercorns in a spicy herb garlic sauce.

  3. Kazragore says:

    Our waitress was friendly and very efficient. The curry was delicious and had the right amount of spice.

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