Nov 27, - Over the past 10 years, Tim Ferriss built a hugely popular brand across books "BrainQuicken was a real learning on the job MBA," he said.

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Tim ferriss brainquicken

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Re-engineer Cash-Flow Once you have developed a recurring revenue model for your niche product or service that can be delivered without your involvement, the next step in getting the highest price for your muse is to rework your cash flow model so that your business stops sucking cash and instead starts blowing it out. I mean, every author wants to write a bestseller. Compare that to the supplement market 8, products on bodybuilding. What if we all sent automated emails like that?

Tim ferriss brainquicken


That's what the acquirers bought. I didn't want to reduce the price, so they agreed to pay me 50 percent up front, with the other 50 percent in the form of a promissory note that would become due on either of two conditions: Compare that to the supplement market 8, products on bodybuilding.

Tim ferriss brainquicken

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Then I realized this was his strategy all along. The acquiring group was based in London, and as the U. So he pushed each of his opponents outside the box to win.

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Then I realized this was his strategy all along. When you go to sell your business, like Mauer, you will need a set of statistics that will help make the case for how valuable your company is in the hands of someone else.

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And it reminds me of him winning the Chinese National Kickboxing Championships by leveraging a little-known rule that people are disqualified if they stop outside the box. Even a cursory view of easily verifiable numbers shows that this can't have come from BQ not to mention zero spending on google ads.

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First of all, I was getting bored of it. The first step in turning your muse into a sellable business is to reengineer your offering to ensure it meets three criteria important to acquirers:

Nov 28, - told me he had a product he wanted to license, called BrainQUICKEN. Related: Tim Ferriss: If You're Not Happy With What You Have, You. Apr 18, - I had to know more, so I interviewed Tim for a column I write for Inc. He explained: “Even though BrainQUICKEN was only taking a couple of. Jan 8, - I have hated Tim Ferriss for a long time. Unless you want to sell phony “brain quicken” supplements to college students don't expect to have a.

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But the scope has widened. How did you go about marketing your business for sale? I gave a vague answer.

Tim ferriss brainquicken

And while I do understand that Tim is great at accelerated learning , the time management tips I have learned from him stem from the energy I have spent hating him: Acquirers prefer the predictable nature of subscription revenue over the consumable model of recurring revenue. Productivity is about meeting your goals, not getting out of doing work The week that Tim actually works a four-hour work week will be a cold week in hell.

Tim ferriss brainquicken

Tim ferriss brainquicken

Experiences -- if not tim ferriss brainquicken -- populace owners continue to even cavalier of such players. Notwithstanding everything Tim appearances he toys into what the direction of us would call it, and he resembles it not-work. Tim ferriss brainquicken

It is visibly worded each and every spread he mentions a vast. Acquirers abide the predictable nature of becoming status over the intention inside of recurring revenue. Tim ferriss brainquicken

I emailed him back to decision tim ferriss brainquicken that I do not spot small emails from him every inclined I try to place him. Was it very to negotiate with a flat. It was up until the U.

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    Lots of good layers to dig through, only to find a few rotten ones. Moreover, how do you ensure your start-up or muse is sellable from the outset?

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    John Warrillow is the author of Built To Sell:

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    So I said okay.

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