torrid (comparative torrider, superlative torridest). Very hot and dry. Full of intense emotions arising from sexual love; ardent and passionate. a torrid love scene.

The meaning of torrid

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Trade winds from the north moving in a southwesterly direction converge with winds from the southern hemisphere coming from a northwesterly direction to form this band of clouds. Consider that many deserts and mountains fall within the latitudes defining the torrid zone. Both of these continents have large areas of desert with extremely dry year-round conditions.

The meaning of torrid

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Rainforests might be the more typical presumption for the torrid zone, but even snow-capped mountains are possible within this zone. Aristotle presumed this area was too hot for human habitation since the sun's rays targeted this region from directly above. Most locales within the torrid zone receive plenty of rainfall to promote lush vegetation growth with the aid of the sun directly overhead.

The meaning of torrid

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Significance The torrid zone contains areas of abundant rainfall and heat from the earth's surface. Rainforests might be the more typical presumption for the torrid zone, but even snow-capped mountains are possible within this zone.


It has a wet and dry season but does not experience the four seasons familiar to residents of the temperate zones further from the equator. Sciencing Video Vault Features When thinking of the tropics, it's quite typical to think of abundant rainfall, lush plants and trees and varied animal life. This very same cloud cover also promotes almost daily rainfall during the wet season. Ecosystems Within the torrid zone exists a multitude of vibrant plant and animal life.

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Since we now know that the torrid can include both tropical rainforest and arid desert, it's important to look at the ecosystems that have adapted to the climate. He also proposed a temperate zone with a livable climate and a frigid zone near the Arctic Circle. What Is the Torrid Zone? Australia and portions of Africa fall within the torrid zone.

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To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about Sciencing, contact us here. These thriving mini-communities are called biomes. It is the practical thinker, not the dreamer. Wrapped around the Equator lie a band of clouds that fuel the weather for the torrid zone.

torrid meaning, definition, what is torrid: involving strong emotions, especially of: Learn more. Apr 25, - The term torrid zone was first used around B.C.E. by the Greek scientist Aristotle to define the area of the earth closest to the equator. Torrid Urdu Meaning ???, Find translation of Torrid Haar in Urdu dictionary, the most accurate English to Urdu of Torrid Word with Antonyms, Haar ka Matlab.

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However, the smaller trees, shrubs and ferns on the rainforest floor have adapted to the lack of sunlight. A north and south temperate zone were added as were a north and south frigid zone to create a five-zone climate system that remained in use until the standardized Koppen climate mapping system was devised and instituted in the 19th and 20th centuries. Most have a wet season and a dry season as opposed to the more typical cold and hot seasons of the temperate zones.

The meaning of torrid

It has a wet and dry season but does not experience the four seasons familiar to residents of the temperate zones further from the equator. In the meaning of colors, yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. The main energy of yellow is intellect.

The meaning of torrid

The meaning of torrid

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    People with name-number 3 are delightful to speak to and are often successful orators or writers.

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    Cloud cover helps keep the temperature uniform throughout the day and through the seasons.

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    For more information about numerology click here. Prevailing winds in the tropics tend to blow from east to west, often causing deserts to be located on the western side of major continental masses.

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    The warmth of the torrid zone influences its weather, ecosystems and geographic features.

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