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Tatami puzzles

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Question marks can be used instead of clue numbers. The tetrominoes may be rotated or mirrored. It is played on a rectangular grid. All white cells must be divided on regions having the size of exactly three cells.

Tatami puzzles

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Tenner Grid also known as "From 1 to 10", "Zehnergitter", "Grid Ten" consists of a rectangular grid of width ten cells. Black cells must not be orthogonally connected. All numbers in a region must form a sequence of consecutive numbers, but in any order for example:

Tatami puzzles

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No black cells touch each other, not even diagonally. If absolute difference between two numbers in neighboring cells equals 1, then they are separated by a dot.

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In a region without a number any number of cells may be blackened. Two regions with the same amount of black cells must not be orthogonally adjacent.

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Numbers form a sequential chain of five cells from 1 "head" to 5 "tail" connected horizontally and vertically "snake". The aim is to fill a square grid with black circles "gems" and white circles "stones". Each room must be filled with each of the digits from 1 to the number of cells in the room. The numbers in the grid indicate how many cells inside the loop can be seen horizontally and vertically from that cell, including the cell itself.

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Lines can only turn at black dots. A ship is lit if it is in the same row or column as the lighthouse, also ships behind other ships or lighthouses. The object of a kakuro is to insert digits from 1 to 9 into the white cells to total the clue associated with it.

Tatamibari (Japanese: ?????) is a type of logic puzzle designed and published by Nikoli. The puzzle is based on Japanese tatami mats. Tatamibari puzzle. Tatami. Rules. Fill the gris so that each bordered cage contains each of the first N letters of the alphabet exactly once. (N is the size of the Sample puzzles. May 23, - One of my favourite puzzles at the moment is Tatami I like the way that it is similar to Sudoku but still different enough to be interesting what with.

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The goal is to connect each pair of numbers with single continuous lines. The goal is to divide the grid into regions of exactly four cells. Diagonal paths are not allowed.

Tatami puzzles

A cell with a circle must contain a number; a cell with a cross cannot contain a number. A snake looks in the direction of its eyes until a black cell or the edge of the grid is reached. Str8ts also known as "Straights" is a logic puzzle, invented by Jeff Widderich Canada.

Tatami puzzles

Tatami puzzles

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    They may only run orthogonally. No two cells contain the same pair of symbols.

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