S.W.I.N.E. is a real-time tactics video game designed by Hungarian video game developer StormRegion and published by Ravensburger Interactive Media  Release?: ?EU?: October 30, ; ?NA?: December.

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Like many other 3D strategy games, it is possible for the player to zoom in and out of the battle, as well as rotating the camera around the battlefield. They cover themselves from head to toe in mud.


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The pig campaign is aimed at experienced players, and has a greater difficulty level compared to its rabbit counterpart. In desperation, the government and the staff of generals reach the following decision:



She enters into the mound and roots around to create a depression within the gathered material. Sows root in the ground to create depressions and then build nests in which to give birth.

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Without suffering too many losses, this force must harass and sneak attack the enemy until they lose all their supply lines and military objectives. The pigs benefited from abundant shellfish and algae exposed by the large tides of the archipelago.

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On August 3, without warning, the National Army of the Pigs, also referred to as the National Pig Army crossed the border between the two nations, and launched a brutal and swift campaign against the rabbits. They cover themselves from head to toe in mud.

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Pigs use auditory stimuli extensively as a means of communication in all social activities. Androstenol is one of the pheromones produced in the submaxillary salivary glands of boars that will trigger the female's response. After dealing with the remaining Republican loyalist forces in his territory, Tusk turned its attention to the neighboring nation of Carrotland, home of the rabbits. He gave it the name Sus domesticus, which is still used by some taxonomists.

A swine is a pig or a big ol' nasty hog. Swine have short legs, thick bodies, and they eat just about anything. If someone acts like a pig, call him a swine. The domestic pig often called swine, hog, or simply pig when there is no need to distinguish it from other pigs, is a domesticated large, even-toed ungulate. S.W.I.N.E. is a real-time tactics video game designed by Hungarian video game developer StormRegion and published by Ravensburger Interactive Media  Release?: ?EU?: October 30, ; ?NA?: December.

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New Zealand and northern Queensland and have caused substantial environmental damage. Now, all that remains is to find a capable officer who can lead this operation.


The piglets are born with sharp teeth and fight to develop a teat order as the anterior teats produce a greater quantity of milk. From the remains of their reserves, the rabbits decided to create a powerful fighting force.



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    As a result of the intense fighting, the rabbit army is nearly decimated. Finally, the flow stops and so does the grunting of the sow.

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