May 2, - Here are some Billboard picks about the best songs about cheating.

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Songs about catching a cheater

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Then, she suggests a solution for his problem. Keep it on the down low Nobody has to know.

Songs about catching a cheater

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OneRepublic Is it really too late to apologize? Men cheat more than women—in not only dating relationships but also cohabitation and marital relationships. Yeah maybe this dude's cute but he gives you that bad feeling.

Songs about catching a cheater

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Kirsten Spruch So, you're currently in a relationship but your intuition is telling you that your significant other might be committing some dirty crimes behind your back. Everything with him is ambiguous. It just happens so all you can hope for is to have your heart in one piece.

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I can see it coming. Relationship factors include a lack of communication and understanding, emotional dissatisfaction with one's partner, and sexual incompatibility. If my wife finds out, she'll kill me.

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Sir, you have a bit of romantic competition, and it's not another dude. We can only imagine the pain he's in for: Kelly Clarson rants about betrayal and heartbreak.


It's all one big, vicious cycle. And she tells it how it is: We Won't Tell Reader Poll:

Songs about cheating. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right - Luther Ingram; - Jay-Z; A Man And A Woman - U2; A Quick One While He's Away. Apr 5, - Adam Levine sings from the perspective of a man who catches his girlfriend cheating, and then shoots her lover dead. Woof! Advertisement. Jan 23, - This might be one of the top best songs about cheating, because it Similar to LOLO's "Heard It From a Friend," someone will always catch you.

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She is left to seek satisfaction "on the down low. Everybody knows that this is untrue. Is your honor worth nothing?

Songs about catching a cheater

After one of them describes the love of his life, the details ring all too familiar to the other man: Although one dislikes being deceived, one likes even less to be undeceived. Is your honor worth nothing?

Songs about catching a cheater

Songs about catching a cheater

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  1. Kibar says:

    Keep it on the down low Nobody has to know. Her woman's intuition kicks in and she suspects him of cheating.

  2. Kajicage says:

    Is It Worth Fighting For?

  3. Mogar says:

    But in the case of this Melissa Etheridge song, the would-be other woman is a reformed cheater "I used to be just like you

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    Even Ashanti got something to say about cheating too.

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