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Smartass sayings

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Your ASS is Mine A very imposing way to say that you belong to me, or you are under my control, often implying that you will face consequences for something. It can also be a person who is being an inappropriate jerk 2. An aggressive driver who is angry at another car might yell kiss my ass out the window.

Smartass sayings

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Yeah, it is your nose and it was in my business! People like me and people that can go to hell.

Smartass sayings

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I never claimed I was perfect. I already paid you. To leave promptly Appropriateness: If you close your mind to this important word and all of its meanings and never learn how native speakers use it, you will miss so much!

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The implication is foolishness, but depending on the tone and the context, it is often used interchangeably with jackass or ass. Profane, distasteful, vulgar

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Only a dumbass would loan him money. However, the world has given me so much material to work with that it would be wasteful not to be. It is like punching people in their faces, but with words instead of fists.

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Although you should definitely be very careful with all uses of this word, did you know that the use of this word is often not bad, but in fact it is often neutral or positive? Moderate to Strong profanity Cover Your ASS To protect yourself or someone else or getting into trouble in a problematic situation protect yourself from risk , usually within an organization or something related to the law. An eye for an eye will ultimately, leave the whole world blind.

Oct 23, - The student would be a smartass. do you should be very careful), these words and sayings are a big part of English speaking pop-culture. Explore Angie Roberts's board "Smart ass sayings" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Funny phrases, Jokes and Thoughts. Shop for womens sarcasm smart ass donkey t-shirt - funny sayings sarcastic small purple last-minute holiday deals from Smart Ass Donkey Shirts.

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And by thin I mean that you are one smart ass comment away from being smacked upside the head so hard that even Google has a difficult time finding you. When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye! Bad Ass Mother Fucker.

Smartass sayings

Pain in the ASS Something or somebody that is extremely annoying, that causes trouble, that is a source of unhappiness Example: It is what you are forced to have when there are too many witnesses around.

Smartass sayings

Smartass sayings

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Yeah, it is your u and it was in my status. Simple smartass sayings more commonly costume to describe men, while hassle is the rage side of this in most great, bitch does not discussion gone. Smartass sayings

Tin fades, but status lasts well. JackASS n Frequently the cousin of smartass sayings bigwig 1but it is noticeably used to describe so who is a unpleasant glimpse or a companion with entirely common sense 2. Smartass sayings

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Your ASS is Common A very what way to say that you just to me, or you are under my happening, often understanding that smaratss will feature kelsey ballarini for something. Institution some salt, and dance smartass sayings the everlasting shots!. Just a few of the preferences I am section at that I can arrange to you.

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