I have died countless times attempting to place a wall infront of me, in order to block a shotgun blast. However instead of covering me, the wall.

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I cried at the end of my first day — first term — first year of teaching from exhaustion and inexperience. Am I in the Emerald City? We worry about boring our readers, so we run on ahead—without them.


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Using her scant savings she flew to Hingham, Massachusetts, to visit her college boyfriend. What did she mean? I work in a scrapbook store in St. And God collected those stolen tears, too.


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I cried when that boy broke my heart and when I was trying to figure out PMS. You keep track of all my sorrows. His intentions and intentionality are flawless.

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In the next few paragraphs, you learn that Kiki is looking back on an experience she had the summer after her freshman year in college. And the tears still dam up against my resolve every time I stand up to talk about our journey with Cam but God keeps calling me to stand up and talk about it.

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And until God calls us home to where there are no more tears he drops them onto his canvas — turns them to watercolours to paint our stories. Knowing that God took note of his sorrows empowered him.

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Been alive in all sorts of ways. I promise you that your story will be better grounded, and your readers will thank you for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I work in a scrapbook store in St.

"I wake up a little before six, and I go right to my study. That's where I do my daily reading of the Oswald Chambers book, 'My Utmost for His Highest.'" - Jerry. Dec 20, - “He's six. And I'm four!” “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want to be a police superhero to save people!” “I want to be a Batman! Aug 15, - Now He Is Six (And I Am Confused). I can't believe how quickly time has zoomed by. Bert is now six. He had his first Macca's party on the.

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But writers do this all the time to their readers. In a really good way. I cried when I fell off my bike and when that teacher humiliated me and when my cousins were killed in a car crash.


All those years — all those tears — not one went missing. On occasion writers try too hard to be clever and obscure the identity of the protagonist.



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    I want to teach him the rest of Psalm 56 and show him how there was nothing emo about David. Apparently tears are all different.

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