Jul 12, - Sikh women have a long history of fighting patriarchy, enacting radical change, and taking up leadership roles.

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Sikh ladies

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And Mata Khivi, wasn't she the second Guru's wife? Biographies of Great Sikh Women. Guru Amar Das also raised his voice against female infanticide.

Sikh ladies

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Her skills and leadership came in handy when, in , she led 40 soldiers who had just deserted the Sikh army back into battle against invading Mughals. In this respect, equality for women has been a difficult class actually achieve in reality. Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come. She was inspired to join the movement and, with a press pass in hand and disguised as a journalist, she distributed arms to Ghadar Party members.

Sikh ladies

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In the worst anecdotes, domestic violence is an outlet for men who bear racism on the street, intermarriage an act of betrayal, and honor killings an actual threat. They have access to political franchise and new opportunities for advancement have opened up for them. Sikh community prayers can be led by Sikh women or men. Gulab Kaur also encouraged others to join the Ghadar Party by distributing independence literature and delivering inspiring speeches to Indian passengers of ships.


Kaur for women and Singh for men. She was ultimately sentenced to two years in prison in Lahore present-day Pakistan for seditious acts.


But if you linger a minute longer, you will hear us beam about the equality of women in our faith. Many women of the Sikh faith share the name Kaur as a way to indicate equality and sisterhood. Siri Guru Nanak Sahib, the founding Guru of the Sikh Faith, emphasized the dignity of women in a way that was ahead of his time. Then, a slight effort in concentration, before:

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Then, a slight effort in concentration, before: Mata Khivi Central to Sikhism is the idea of social justice and equality, which is seen through the institution of langar, or providing everyone with free food. O Nanak, those faces shall be radiant in the Court of the Creator.

Feb 14, - The turban is the one thing that identifies a Sikh more than any other symbol of their faith. An edict handed down in by the 10th Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh, requires Sikhs to not cut their hair. Jul 12, - Sikh women have a long history of fighting patriarchy, enacting radical change, and taking up leadership roles. Mar 22, - What if you asked for names of famous Sikh women? You will hear a short pause. Then, a slight effort in concentration, before: Ah ha! There's.

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Though equality for women has always been a major attribute of Sikhism and a great number of women have made significant contributions, it is important to note that it is still a work in progress. From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all. Many of the women have the last name Kaur.

Sikh ladies

It's worth noting that the caste system itself goes against the core principles of Sikhism. Today, every gurdwara Sikh place of worship in the world continues the tradition of serving langar. It was , not

Sikh ladies

Sikh ladies

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  1. Vudolmaran says:

    They are not necessarily related.

  2. Taujind says:

    Reading about the lives of some of the women of the Guru period, one realises the extent to which the Gurus were able to achieve their aim.

  3. Akinole says:

    Half are legends from early history -- women who we will never fully know but whose deeds ignite our imagination as the first female warrior-saints.

  4. Faujar says:

    We know about some women, but there are others whose stories have been lost to time. We have also updated the photo caption to reflect that Sophia Duleep Kaur Singh is pictured with her sisters, not her daughters.

  5. Yozshugal says:

    Women are girls are always the first casualties within minority communities under siege. We would never tell you this, of course.

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