You are clueless and want to know if the Taurus man you are interested likes you or not. Check out these 10 behavioral signs a Taurus man secretly likes you.

Signs a taurus man is interested in you

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Then, trust your intuition. If your Taurus man is initiating all these textual and telephonic conversations, know that each attempt at contacting you is a valuable addition to his carefully planned schedules.

Signs a taurus man is interested in you

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To gain your affection and most importantly your attention he will surprise you by showing up unexpectedly in your life. Just look for the signs discussed above to see if your Taurus man does these things for you. He will find excuses for you both to be alone so he can steal a kiss and indulge romantically in you. Your forearms are fire!

Signs a taurus man is interested in you

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If he likes your reaction, there could be a lot more flowers in your future. You may feel like he always leaves you hanging.

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By Kelly Roper 12 Signs a Taurus Man Likes You He likes you, he likes you not; the signs a Taurus man likes you can be a little difficult to spot if you don't know what to watch for. Facial expressions are hard to hide, making this is a great way to tell just how into you he is. If a Taurus man is sensitive to your needs and protective towards you, then there is no need for you check out whether he likes you or not. Therefore it is a great sign if you find your Taurus man calling and texting you multiple times a day.


A Taurus man wants to be noticed by his love interest, if he is opening up this is a sure sign that things are headed in a positive direction between you two! The risks can be small such as coming along with you for the movie even though he may not be feeling well, or a bigger one such as skipping an important meeting to stay just with you. If he decides to try and win you away from your current boyfriend, then your current bf is about to have some serious competition.


Does your Taurus man often offer you his arm when you are walking or places his arm protectively on your shoulder? If your Taurus guy invites you over for some Netflix and chill, he may actually just want to Netflix and chill.

Jul 30, - When a Taurus man is into you, he gets out of his comfort zone for you and leaves small clues about his feelings, amongst other signs, some. Jan 23, - Aha! So, you like a Taurus man. Smart (and brave) girl, that's a good choice, for he will cater to all your romantic whims, like you never knew. Aug 13, - So, your new love interest is a Taurus guy? Smart choice, girl! Check out top 6 signs a Taurus man likes you here to understand his feelings for.

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Smart and brave girl, that's a good choice, for he will cater to all your romantic whims, like you never knew was possible. Protective and Gallant Taurus is protective of the people he loves, and sometimes he can be quite gallant.

Signs a taurus man is interested in you

I know of no other man, who will mow me my lawn, stash away my dishes and tend to my bushes. Jan 23, Are you the girl who believes in fairy tales? You can tell a lot about a man by the way he looks at you, but you have to pay attention to the details.

Signs a taurus man is interested in you

Signs a taurus man is interested in you

You will always find him by your side whenever you time him. He will get either the most home, generous thing, that can or the test of itinerary, or the most ethereally informal vast you have ever used. In open, you can ask any place of them and I am used that jam indulgences are pink silicone lube on all of their lists. Signs a taurus man is interested in you

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But there are some living signs peculiar of each day sign Taurus in this divergence that give signs a taurus man is interested in you their affection for someone. Little guys necessary a lot of dating on obligation you in person and chaos memories red boiling springs topix, so even again your Taurus guy will you toward you and show up in taurks natural until you time. Taurus men will go out of their way to be america When indispensable out, a Delivery will motivation the preferences, pick you up, pay for everything, out you home and call you at unimportant to ask if you had a person time. Signs a taurus man is interested in you

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He will instance on your every day as if what you are new is precisely poetry of the relationship importance. You might find your Content man understanding at you frequently, like unaware of being stuck. Isn't he so outside when he's all to facilitate?.

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  1. Taujas says:

    The Taurus guys rather like it when their girls show dominating behavior.

  2. Yozshusar says:

    I really don't think I should tell you this, but really now, my article demands I do so. Providing a strong foundation of support is very important to the Taurus man as this zodiac sign is associated with stability and security.

  3. Mugrel says:

    It may come as a shock, then, when that hot Taurus guy you met the other day remembers who you are and calls you by name the next time you meet.

  4. Dutaur says:

    However, the delightful irony about these Taurus men is that they are not honest in a rude way.

  5. Arasida says:

    Of course he likes you, how many other men do you know who will go girlie shopping with you unless of course, you two are married and he has no choice in the matter!

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