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In the Bishop of Lincoln wrote to the Privy Council: When the word "extinction" is used of a family such as the Brokesbys, it must not be understood too literally. Quite possibly Robert d.


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Surely, one is tempted to say, some at least of these must have survived and carried on the name. Experience would be beneficial, however more importantly is the ability to learn as full training can be provided for the right applicant.


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A month before he died, Robert safeguarded the property, as well as he could, by marrying his thirteen-year-old great-granddaughter Winifred Brokesby to the sixteen-year-old Francis Englefield. Would you like to develop a long-term career within a prestigious automotive dealership?

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Strangely enough, none of this seems to have much disturbed the family's prosperity, or perhaps their hundreds of acres of sheep-rearing land raked in the profits fast enough to deal easily with the crippling fines which they must have had to pay for non-conformity, Even when Bartholomew had his lands confiscated he managed by some sleight of hand to have the ownership transferred to a friend, who returned it all conveniently when the fuss had died down. Robert's son Edward was perhaps the most politically involved, although his father was taken into protective custody during the Armada invasion scare, which shows that he was thought to be potentially dangerous. The refusal of such people as Robert Brokesby and his family to go to church means that they do not figure in the parish registers.

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As long as they lived quietly on their estates the government turned a blind eye, hoping that Catholicism would die a natural and peaceful death with the death of the older generation. All cars must be presented in pristine condition and any faults should be picked up on prior to the vehicle being handed over to the customer. He lived at Green Street, East Ham, and kept a secret printing press in his house, from which Catholic literature was distributed.

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If we take a period about thirty years after Robert's death, at the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth I, we can see that they were faring very prosperously. This was the Stoke Golding family, of whom we treat in Chapter Four, but there was also a prosperous yeoman family in the Mountsorrel area, which is the subject of the next chapter. Tenants must often have felt insecure, not only by reason of rapidly changing landlords, but because much of this prosperity was built on the backs of sheep, and sheep, as was said on an earlier page, were a cause of depopulation. When the Hearth Tax returns were made in , there were only eleven Brooksby households in the whole of Leicestershire, and only one of these made any pretence to the status of gentlemen.

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At the same time Richard had married into a fine estate in Nottinghamshire Humphrey was a fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford, and another Bartholomew was in London, where Brooksby Street, Islington, and Brooksby Walk, Hackney, commemorate the name and the family property. Good interpersonal and communication skills together with a friendly and app.


As long as they lived quietly on their estates the government turned a blind eye, hoping that Catholicism would die a natural and peaceful death with the death of the older generation. The priests came back to England in the wake of a papal encyclical excommunicating Queen Elizabeth, and the population polarised sharply. That wise man, Sir Thomas Moore, for all that he was Chancellor of England and therefore sat in the House of Lords on a symbolic woolsack, commented sadly:



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    When the word "extinction" is used of a family such as the Brokesbys, it must not be understood too literally.

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    Edward married Ellen Vaux of Harrowden, a member of a highly political Catholic family. Where such names may be important is, if it is discovered that assumptions about the source of surviving family groups are wrong.

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