Apr 21, - But it turns out a witch-legend is indeed associated with the stream, though few seem to know how believable much of the tale might be and.

Shepherdstown witch

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Neither he nor those who accused him brought their claims to court to face "unsympathetic magistrates", though prosecution for witchcraft was still possible in Virginia. Dabney Chapman, the owner, tells them of a young woman Susie Farrell, was who walking with a friend and saw a man she knew, Harry Smoots. It was alleged the woman poisoned the town children.

Shepherdstown witch


Who knows if that would've happened if they needed to, or had to continue with their investigation; if they hadn't found the connection and gone on for longer. They find the town run at the back of the house. Nick runs off after a red light he sees and there's a figure behind him, as said. The second photo Elizabeth shows the others looks like a woman from a distance.

Shepherdstown witch

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The spirit board comes through with the name "Anne. Elizabeth almost fainting from the powerful energy - something dark and Nick picks up on the EMF spiking.

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Some of the events occurring in this town include the following: That doesn't appear to be a coincidence. Nick commented on how he's been investigating all his life and Shepherdstown isn't like anything he's seen before. Lorie mentioned how in colonial times they accused a woman of witchcraft and poisoning the town's water supply.

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Newman, this may have been due to local poverty as there was no cultural elite to restrain such prosecutions. She hit her head on the ground and died in the house. Nick's compass spins on the wall instead of finding a direction and stopping movement.

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The first was ordered to search Sherwood's home for waxen or baked figures that might indicate she was a witch. Which is scary in itself cos they really don't know what they're messing with and shouldn't be able to do this. This is the place where Grace Sherwood was ducked.

Two Crafty Witches, Shepherdstown, West Virginia. 88 likes. Two Crafty Witches was formed by Angi Cornwell and Christina Brining. We make handmade. Jul 25, - When paranormal sensitive Elizabeth Saint, a Mount Laurel native, first arrived in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, all she knew was that the tiny. About six or so years ago a witch began attending our services and continued nearly every Sunday for nearly a whole year. She was a self-proclaimed witch.

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They search the gravestone with Dana and Nicole finds the fallen gravestone with She finds another shoe in the wall, the shoe find of the century!

Shepherdstown witch

Elizabeth accompanies Cari and her daughters to the river for a picnic, where the dog barks near the river. The photo Elizabeth took with her camera again on my Twitter and below and is also explained there:

Shepherdstown witch

Shepherdstown witch

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See Campbell and Members swalife com, pp. It was so free of Deck to go running off than that into shepherdstown witch states, as he always exceptions and to be dressed by the two guys, creepy still, even if they may have been America and Lizzy.

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    Called The Witch of Pungo, it is a collection of seven local folk tales written as fiction, although based on historical events. The EMF also spikes up to

  2. Goltigrel says:

    Dana finds an article from 16 June , mentioning a scar faced man and he was never arrested.

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    But with the ceremony releasing Lizzy and Shelby hopefully he can't harm them anymore and make them re-live their pain over and over.

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    This is the place where Grace Sherwood was ducked. Dabney sadly passed away later after filming.

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    Lorie mentioned how in colonial times they accused a woman of witchcraft and poisoning the town's water supply.

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