The Shepherd's Chapel is a Christian church and broadcast facility based in Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

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Shepherds chapel videos

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Fortunate for me she was stubborn and would not give on much so I didn't try to push it too hard on her. Cain is the offspring of Adam.

Shepherds chapel videos

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As we have said before, so now I say again: It was commented on YouTube and posts on this blog that I am a liar and was never a student of Shepherd's Chapel.

Shepherds chapel videos


So here is my history: Their doctrines are not found in any early church writings and were never taught by the Christian church. In I got married and tried to slowly introduce my wife to the doctrines taught by Shepherd's Chapel.

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Why hide this teaching? It was commented on YouTube and posts on this blog that I am a liar and was never a student of Shepherd's Chapel. As we have said before, so now I say again:

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I took Murray's advice and "checked him out" and I found that several of his doctrines were far from Biblical. In other words, the denial of eternal conscious torment in hell.

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However, if you read Genesis it is clear that chapter 2 is going back to describe the creation of man in chapter 1. White people were created separately on the 8th day.

Bible study from the Shepherd Chapel (Time is soon). Luke Chapter Shepherd's Chapel (MUST WATCH). 3 years ago44 views. Add to Playlist. Need new. Tribute to Pastor Arnold Murray of Shepherd's Chapel Mourning the loss of perhaps one of the greatest teachers of Our Father's Related Videos.

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In the late 's my Grandfather, a Baptist preacher for many years, stumbled across Shepherd's Chapel on his old C-band satellite dish I was quite young at the time. It was commented on YouTube and posts on this blog that I am a liar and was never a student of Shepherd's Chapel. They teach we existed before we were born in the flesh and there was a first earth age that we all lived in.

Shepherds chapel videos

Nowhere in Scripture does it teach that the elect where chosen in a first earth age, that a Christian gained elect status because they sided with God in that first earth age. This destruction is known in the New Testament by the Greek word katabole.

Shepherds chapel videos

Shepherds chapel videos

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  1. JoJozahn says:

    Here is a list of just some of the heretical and unorthodox teachings of Shepherd's Chapel:

  2. Fenriran says:

    The Antichrist is Satan himself and not a man.

  3. Mooguk says:

    I was extremely passionate about my beliefs during this time and even went to three Passover meetings annual meetings they hold usually in Branson, MO around Easter time. I could be quite harsh with anybody that challenged my beliefs and I ridiculed Churches and people that I thought were deceived by Satan and his Kenites.

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