Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is an effective martial art from the Shaolin tradition. It is well known for its speed and power, smooth circular body movements and flexible.

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Shaolin kung fu sydney

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Authentic Shaolin Qigong In my opinion, traditional martial arts practice empowers an individual with personal growth and development. When you train in self defence, you will develop a keen sense of your surroundings. Although Wushu is a more precise and official term for Chinese martial arts, Kung Fu is another well-known terms that refer to Chinese martial arts.

Shaolin kung fu sydney

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Tai Chi is a notable meditation technique in China and is used as a physical work out, while simultaneously releasing stress and increasing the chances of obtaining a relaxed state of mind. Find different types of martial arts and self defence and explore their benefits for both mind and body.

Shaolin kung fu sydney

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After a few months of system training, students will develop strong and flexible muscle for more advanced training. It is not about competition of accolades, even though it can certainly used in competition.

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Husband and wife, or friends can practise together, it enables the weak to overcome the strong, allow the efficient use of small forces to repel large forces, and teaches one to subdue an opponent in a single move. Self defence is an essential skill for children and for adults.

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At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts we offer kung fu classes for western Sydney locals and they are for people of all ages and fitness levels; we have many different programs which range from beginner through to experienced fighters. Train your mind and body to be alert and safe at all times.


It practises Qi regulation within the Dan Tian an area in the abdomen , is simple and easy to learn, and does not require the direction of Qi. He was also a Senior Instructor for the Chinese Army for 10 years and specialized in training body guards for the Chinese Army.

a kung fu martial arts school in Sydney Australia, a Chinese Kung Fu training such as Shaolin forms, Chin Na and Iron Palm techniques, Wushu Sydney, Tai. Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is an effective martial art from the Shaolin tradition. It is well known for its speed and power, smooth circular body movements and flexible. Learn traditional Shaolin Kung Fu & Qigong at the world Chan Family CLF Headquarters in Sydney's Chinatown ☯ Start any time regardless of your.

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It is a personal journey shared with others on a personal journey. For beginner in Kung Fu, kung fu basics are the vital part of any martial arts training.

Shaolin kung fu sydney

Increasing your self-discipline at any age is a good idea. Tai Chi Ball training has significant health benefit.

Shaolin kung fu sydney

Shaolin kung fu sydney

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What Stipulation You Be Populace. Shaolin Kung Fu is a enormous Chinese preventable art.
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  1. Tataxe says:

    We teach Shaolin Kung Fu, which has a year history and is considered the source point of martial arts.

  2. Muhn says:

    This skill can be especially beneficial to women who feel uncomfortable in new places.

  3. Akisar says:

    Read more about Tai Chi.

  4. Morisar says:

    It can be further classified based on the geographical association, such as northern or southern.

  5. Tygonos says:

    The Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Community When taking on a new student we ensure that they have our full attention, we teach discipline, respect, honour and other life skills that will stay with you from the minute your first lesson starts to the end of your winning black belt sparring match.

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