Oct 23, - Call it sexual desire, sexual drive or sexual appetite, libido is a natural and The pressure points used in acupressure are found at connecting.

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Sexual acupressure points

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These helpful points are chosen for their capacity to calm, which makes for more sensitive and considerate foreplay and more aroused and exciting intercourse. This point can be stimulated by applying deep pressure to it using the index and middle fingertips for 1 minute and then switch sides and apply pressure on the point on the other leg.

Sexual acupressure points

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The surge helps to decrease fatigue, alleviate insomnia, and lessen pain. This point is also useful for treating thigh pain, hernia and abdominal masses like fibroids and cysts.

Sexual acupressure points

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Run your finger down between the toes until you come to the end of the forepad on your foot. How to stimulate the area: Now, go get your Qi moving!


The Liver Many people experience a great, energizing surge through their body when Liver Three is activated. Share on Pinterest Sex is more than just, well, sex. This is the crossing point of the Spleen and Liver Meridian.

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For best results, hold eye contact with your partner during this intimate routine. These are considered very powerful points for balancing the subtle energies in the body while simultaneously promoting an increase in blood flow to the core of the body. The use of acupressure here will soothe and free you.

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Slowly press on this pressure point for a few seconds, hold, and release. This point is also useful for alleviating lumbar pain, headache, toothache , cough, asthma, insomnia, and diabetes.

Impotence and erectyle disfunction are the most common male sexual disorders that are very much curable with the help of acupressure and reflexology. Feb 1, - Step up your seduction game by massaging pressure points. Stimulating this spot is said to alleviate sexual problems and fatigue. When to. Dec 19, - During sex, it's ok to massage the general areas the abdomen along the midline below the belly button, the lower legs from behind the ankle bone working your way up the leg; and the points in the genital area that feel good to you. Without further ado, here are some acupressure points to help you have good sex.

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If there is a specific acupressure point to increase the libido, then the libido may be increased by putting pressure on that point. Inside the calves, two fingers above the ankle. You should apply pressure until you experience a sensation that is between pleasure and pain.

Sexual acupressure points

Breaking down the psychological barriers to awesome sex To help create a peaceful atmosphere, Andrew Perzigian, LAc, suggests beginning with a scalp massage, pressing the pads of your fingers in circular motions on the scalp and then moving down to the neck. Because this point is so deep in her flesh, you need to press it firmly with two fingers and repeat the process about 10 times. Put pressure on your finger at the ankle point.

Sexual acupressure points

Sexual acupressure points

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