Source: The Definitive Emoji-Sexting Glossary . “This flame is used to indicate someone is attractive or sexy, or can add a racy touch to other messages.” ?.

Sexting messages with emojis

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And when it comes to sexting, you can unleash the devil in you! Another way to show fingering and more so, where you want to, is by using the honeypot and pointed finger emojis. If you're really feeling frisky, and you and the person you're sexting are into that kind of stuff, you could use emojis to show fisting. Hail the mighty cunnilingus aka the licker!

Sexting messages with emojis

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Another way to use an emoji to talk about female genitalia is the honeypot emoji, that is under the same name as a commonly used nickname for the vagina. Most notoriously used is the taco emoji, because it is the closest thing that looks like one, with two "flaps" and juicy meat on the inside, and is even defined as being a nickname for the vagina on UrbanDictionary.

Sexting messages with emojis

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Let him know that you take your lollipops very very seriously! When someone reads your text, they'll know exactly what you want. When the conversation turns dirty, and you want to say without actually typing words that you're ready for a blowjob, there's an emoji combo for that too. Now Apple, if you're reading this, we need better emojis to use for boobs.

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This allows for sexting freaks and everyday texting alike to communicate with someone what their hands are doing. Either way, the person will know what you mean. With these many substitutions for the eggplant emoji, you could easily find one that better suits the person you're sexting's actual penis if you don't got yourself an eggplant emoji type of man. And when it comes to sexting, you can unleash the devil in you!

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It'll most definitely be unexpected and might spark interest in your partner, and prompt them to reply with something equally as freaky. For the apparent reason being that it looks like it has two lips, and the center resembles the vulva. Plus, not only is it a symbol for it, but you can express how thankful you are for, and how glorious their vagina is at the same time.

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As you can see, there are a number of ways to to use emojis for your most intimate parts to spice up the conversation and keep it fun. Just as much as their many aliases for the vagina, there is just as much emojis to match those names. Hail the mighty cunnilingus aka the licker! It's great to use if you want your partner to know how sweet theirs is.

Jan 9, - 22 Things You Never Realized About Emojis TL;DR if you think there's an emoji that isn't sexual, you're wrong. Like · Reply · 4 · 1y. Rebeca. Dec 4, - Never open a dirty message filled with emojis and be confused again! Take your sexting to the next level and make it fun by using emojis to. Sep 26, - Emojis are life-savers. In regular life and especially while sexting! Check out these 15 sexting emojis that will say more than words can!

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Or you can include other finger emojis to show the different kinds of fingering you'll be doing. Hump-ing the right way! Now Apple, if you're reading this, we need better emojis to use for boobs.

Sexting messages with emojis

The post-climax Oh, that blessed feeling of finally reaching your destination, aw yeah! Hump-ing the right way!

Sexting messages with emojis

Sexting messages with emojis

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