Scarfield (Twisting Nether) ?Glory of the Horde? - Undead Holy Priest, ilvl.

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Two other coasting vessels off the coast of Georgia had been looted and burned by Scarfield, and the government had at last aroused itself to the necessity of active measures for repressing these pests of the West India waters. He puts his gig in the water and finds Eleazer Cooper waiting for him at the gunnels of his ship.


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Such were the questions that Mainwaring asked himself. Now and then a group of drifting stars swam out of a rift in the vapors, but the night was curiously silent and of a velvety darkness. As he slowly turned around he noticed a peculiar large object moving upward in a chilling way:


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It was a love that they were obliged to keep a profound secret, for not only had Eleazer Cooper held the strictest sort of testimony against the late war--a testimony so rigorous as to render it altogether unlikely that one of so military a profession as Mainwaring practiced could hope for his consent to a suit for marriage, but Lucinda could not have married one not a member of the Society of Friends without losing her own birthright membership therein. The book is full of interesting anecdotes and life stories about pirates both familiar and arcane. A lieutenant could command a warship like the Essex only if the ship's captain was absent, indisposed or had been killed in action. Nor is it likely that anyone ever identified Eleazer Cooper with the pirate, for only Mainwaring of all the crew of the Yankee was exactly aware of the true identity of Captain Scarfield.

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It was on a Sunday afternoon. At the one time he talked evenly and clearly of peaceful things; at the other time he blasphemed and hooted with fury. The next morning appeared in a drizzle of rain that followed the beautiful warmth of the day before. Even as he fell, Mainwaring roared in a voice of thunder, "All hands repel boarders!

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Lucinda Fairbanks, a niece of Captain Cooper's by his only sister, was a handsome, sprightly girl of eighteen or twenty, and a great favorite in the Quaker society of the city. In person, Captain Cooper was tall and angular of frame.

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He had the coach all to himself, and in the damp and leathery solitude he drew out the little oval picture from beneath his shirt frill and looked long and fixedly with a fond and foolish joy at the innocent face, the blue eyes, the red, smiling lips depicted upon the satinlike, ivory surface. He conceded that Captain Scarfield had done many cruel and wicked deeds, but he averred that he had also performed many kind and benevolent actions. Suppose I could bring thee face to face with him--what then? Certainly this sink of iniquity was the last place in the world he would have expected to have fallen in with Eleazer Cooper.

Scarfield (Twisting Nether) ?Glory of the Horde? - Undead Holy Priest, ilvl. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales () David Wenham as Scarfield. This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Dead Men Tell No Tales. John Scarfield was a British Royal Navy officer around the early s. John Scarfield was played by David Wenham in Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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Mainwaring sat wondering to hear the severely peaceful Quaker preacher defending so notoriously bloody and cruel a cutthroat pirate as Capt. In that time he ran to earth and dispersed a dozen nests of pirates. At that time Eleazer was just home from an unusually successful voyage to Antigua.


In each of the innumerable casks of flour stowed aboard Eliza Cooper known as the Bloodhound while sailing under a black flag the young officer finds a cache of silver coins. Eleazer confessed openly that he dealt with the pirates. He puts his gig in the water and finds Eleazer Cooper waiting for him at the gunnels of his ship.



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