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Sag film society nyc

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Members from other locales who worked in Los Angeles, New York, or Miami after joining were charged the difference between the fee they paid their local and the higher rate in those markets. In rare circumstances, due to the uniqueness of a role, or constraints on the numbers of available SAG actors or last-minute cancellations, those minimums were unable to be met. Fourteen, a mere 0. Members in good standing, for at least one year, of any of the other unions affiliated with the AAAA, and who had worked as a principal at least once in an area of the affiliated union's jurisdiction, and who had been paid for their work in that principal role, were eligible to join SAG.

Sag film society nyc

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Membership dues were calculated and due semi-annually, and were based upon the member's earnings from SAG productions. Union background actors were not fully covered nationwide and could work non-union outside the background zones. At the SAG National Women's Conference, Meryl Streep keynotes first national event, emphasizing the decline in women's work opportunities, pay parity, and role models within the film industry.

Sag film society nyc

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Any actor who works as a principal actor for a minimum of one day on a project film, commercial, TV show, etc. Not Seen on the American Scene" The argument was over filming commercials.


General Motors [21] and clarified for the communications industry in via Communications Workers of America v. They could continue to work non-union jobs, however, until they officially became a SAG member.

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Some actors use their middle initial in their stage name, or have stage names that differ from their legal name to comply with this rule. Actors also wanted a pension and welfare fund. Notable examples include Michael Keaton , Michael J. The non-union actor chosen to fill the union spot was then issued a union background voucher for the day, and that non-union actor was entitled to all the same benefits and pay that the union actor would have received under that voucher.

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The SAG Hollywood Division Women's Committee also encouraged the media to refrain from presenting women as inferior beings and exploiting them as sexual objects and commodities. Global Rule One[ edit ] The SAG Constitution and Bylaws stated that, "No member shall work as a performer or make an agreement to work as a performer for any producer who has not executed a basic minimum agreement with the Guild which is in full force and effect. Among these provisions were: After the day window had expired the actor became a "Must Join" with SAG, meaning they could no longer work any SAG projects without formally joining the union.

Announcing the New York SAG-AFTRA/WGAE Film Society season, our 41st consecutive season of providing members with New York, NY This site is not affiliated with any of the studios or films listed. These links PGA Events SAG-AFTRA Film Society Asian World Film Festival (10/24 - 11/01). The SAG-AFTRA Foundation's New York Short Film Showcase is a cinematic celebration of new projects by union members, designed to encourage performers.

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Global Rule One[ edit ] The SAG Constitution and Bylaws stated that, "No member shall work as a performer or make an agreement to work as a performer for any producer who has not executed a basic minimum agreement with the Guild which is in full force and effect. SAG productions required a minimum number of SAG members be employed as background actors before a producer was permitted to hire a non-union background actor.

Sag film society nyc

Earlier walkouts involved production for television. Specifically, the SAG basic contract specified: For television productions in the West Coast Zones, the minimum number of SAG background actors was 21 25 in the New York Zone , for commercials the minimum was 40, and for feature films, the minimum was 57 in the West Coast zones 85 in the New York zone.

Sag film society nyc

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    Unique stage names[ edit ] Main article: The unions said that management's demand would cut actors' salaries.

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    The argument was over filming commercials.

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    Kathryn Bigelow becomes the first woman to win the Oscar for Best Director of a Motion Picture, after being only the fourth woman in history to secure a nomination.

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    Specifically, the SAG basic contract specified: When applicable, and with due regard to the safety of the individuals, cast and crew, women and minorities were to be considered for doubling roles and for descript and non-descript stunts on a functional, non-discriminatory basis.

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    These contracts spelled out in detail the responsibilities that producers must assume when hiring SAG performers.

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