Jan 7, - One of the best things about living in the Sutherland Shire is having the bush on A few of our favourite spots are in the Royal National Park.

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Royal national park sutherland

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A timber dance hall built in the early 20th century on the eastern bank is available for functions. The park has been burnt in bushfires on several occasions, most notably in , and in the Black Christmas fires.

Royal national park sutherland

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Gathering firewood Pets Pets and domestic animals other than certified assistance animals are not permitted. Overview[ edit ] The park includes the settlements of Audley , Maianbar and Bundeena. Tidal rockshelves and rock pools[ edit ] Rockshelves, such as those found south of the Marley beaches left and the famous Figure Eight Pools right populate the central to southern coast of the park.

Royal national park sutherland

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Exposed uplands[ edit ] Moving farther inland the terrain rises to a series of very rocky ridges and plateaus characterized by hardy, low-growing shrubs and very poor, rocky soil. The South West Arm Pool is around m further away downstream. Gathering firewood Pets Pets and domestic animals other than certified assistance animals are not permitted.

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These mangroves are important nursery grounds for nearly all major angling fish including yellowfin bream Acanthopagrus australis , flat-tail sea-mullet Liza argentea , luderick Girella tricuspidata and sand whiting Sillago ciliata which are caught in adjoining waters as adults, mangroves also provide rich organic matter to the Port Hacking Estuary by fixing carbon into the river system through the addition of leaves into the thick rich black mud. Please take care in the water and find out how to help your family and friends stay safe around water. Audley is as popular with families today as it was in the 19th century.

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It faces east towards the Tasman Sea. Towards the end of the walk, you have the choice between two beaches. A common sea-star found growing in the rock pools is the biscuit sea star Tosia australis.

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Deep below the Hawkesbury sandstone belt lies Narrabeen Shales which is mixture of shale and sandstone under which and within which are untapped coal seams which run right through Sydney and are mined extensively where they come closer to the surface south of the National Park near Wollongong. Please bring correct change. Little Marley beach further south is similar in nature but much smaller. The beaches, two of which have volunteer surf life saving clubs and large car parks, are amongst the most visited areas of the park.

The Royal National Park is home to various walking tracks, short and easy, others more challenging. This is our list of 8 best Royal National Park walks. Jun 11, - Located just south of Sydney, New South Wales, in Sutherland Shire, Royal National Park (the Royal to locals) captures some of the most. Jan 7, - One of the best things about living in the Sutherland Shire is having the bush on A few of our favourite spots are in the Royal National Park.

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The "Forest Island", a section of forest in the park's south mostly flanked by the Hacking River. Camping safety Whether you're pitching your tent on the coast or up on the mountains, there are many things to consider when camping in NSW national parks.

Royal national park sutherland

Read these bushwalking safety tips before you set off on a walking adventure in national parks. Many heath specialist birds are present in the heaths which include Lewin's honeyeater Meliphaga lewinii , New Holland honeyeater Phylidonyris novaehollandiae , beautiful firetail Stagonopleura bella , chestnut-rumped heathwren Hylacola pyrrhopygia and the southern emu-wren Littoral rainforest[ edit ] In Royal National Park, littoral rainforest often the first type of vegetation destroyed during coastal development has survived the ravages that occurred elsewhere during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Royal national park sutherland

Royal national park sutherland

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    Buy now More info Safety messages However you discover NSW national parks and reserves, we want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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    It had long been closed to traffic and now forms one of the most popular walking and cycling tracks in the park. The river valleys drain from south to north where they run into Port Hacking , the extensive but generally shallow harbor inlet which forms the northern border of the park.

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    It is a 30 kilometre track, involving walking from Bundeena to Otford, or vice versa. Coote Creek finds its way down another valley, then as a beautiful waterfall, it rushes over a sandstone rock face into the lagoon below.

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    The other remarkable feature of Curracarong are the several waterfalls which tumble over the cliffs and into the sea over one hundred metres below. Cycling is allowed on some fire trails and only on specially marked tracks within the Park.

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    It is a 30 kilometre track, involving walking from Bundeena to Otford, or vice versa.

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