A debate on the question of aesthetics and the uses of pleasure in Romanticism, looking at the role of affective experience in aesthetic judgment and the.

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Romanticism philosophers

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Since even during this later period, the romantic political ideal consisted of a republican, holistic community grounded in love, art and aesthetics still played significant ethical and political roles in the late romantic phase. Friedrich Schlegel, for example, proclaims:

Romanticism philosophers

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Rather than a straight development of Sturm und Drang, then, romanticism is better understood as an attempt to synthesize the grain of truth in the movement with the grain of truth in the philosophy of Enlightenment, or simply put, to synthesize reason and sensibility. Third, following Kant, the romantics believed that the beauty of nature reveals the purposiveness without a purpose of nature as a whole. Romantic Poetry is poetry as much as it is a philosophical method and a vital approach to human life.

Romanticism philosophers


This combination of being independent of given rules and attuned to something other than yourself is required not only for the genius, but also for approximating the Absolute. We cannot deny the drive to free ourselves, to ennoble ourselves, to progress into the infinite.

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A sense sublime Of something far more deeply interfused, Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns, And the round ocean, and the living air, And the blue sky, in the mind of man, A motion and a spirit, that impels, All thinking things, all objects of all thought, And rolls through all things. Its tremendous impact on generations to come all the way up to the present day is one explanation of the difficulty of precisely delimiting when the age of romanticism begins and when it ends. Rather, if the romantic ideal is to materialize, aesthetics should permeate and shape human life.

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Indeed, for the romantics, nature is one living force, whose different parts—not only self-conscious philosophers, creative artists, animals, plants, and minerals, but also kinds of matter—are different stages of its organization. The ideal political community must facilitate a sphere of social life, which is free and independent of political control because free sociality and conversation, the ends of this sphere, are both valuable in themselves and the best alternative for external laws.

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For if every individual is to be autonomous, she should fashion herself after the model of the artist. A textually grounded and philosophically viable way to approach the imperative is as a structural or formal demand. Attending to art as well as producing it is a form of self-cultivation because the spirit of art allows human beings to transcend baseness a particular danger given modern instrumentalism and materialism , and to develop their humanity. According to the romantics, the way out of these worrisome consequences requires that we recognize that modern science is reductive not only in terms of its object—nature—but also in terms of its methodology:

Jul 2, - Romanticism was an artistic and intellectual movement that ran from the represented by the moral philosophy of Kant with its overemphasis. Romanticism, Literature and Philosophy proposes a radical re-visioning of Romantic literature by developing a new insight into its qwantify.org price?: ?$ Jun 14, - On such an approach, rather than aiming to replace “real” life, science and philosophy with poetry, the romantics urge human beings to fashion.

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But since concepts condition everything that might be known by determining it to be one way or another according to the forms of discursive thought, the Absolute, by its very definition as unconditioned, cannot be known. Many of these readings were proposed in this entry under the umbrella of the formal approach to romantic aesthetics. Have I not worshipped thee with such a love As never mortal man before displayed?

Romanticism philosophers

Romanticism…is the first major phase in an imaginative revolution which has carried on until our own day, and has by no means completed itself yet. Rather than a free floating form of subjectivity, then, romantic irony is a constrained, and normatively governed form of life, meant to expose the limits of reason and facilitate a life of humility cf. It was written in collaboration mainly by the Schlegel brothers, Novalis, and Schleiermacher , and aimed at rational criticism and Bildung.

Romanticism philosophers

Romanticism philosophers

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  1. Vishura says:

    An ideal of sociality is deficient if it leaves no freedom for the distinct expression and liberties of each individual, and the individual is most herself, as an individual only insofar as she freely interacts with others: In romantic terms, every work has its own self-judgment.

  2. Moran says:

    Like the German Idealism and Kantianism with which it is usually linked in a philosophical context, Romanticism was largely centered in Germany during the late 18th and early 19th Century. Poetry is not only based in love, but is itself a form of love insofar as it bonds different individuals:

  3. Kecage says:

    But, while still involving democratic elements, a proper republic, they argued should also involve aristocratic and monarchical elements because the educated should rule over the uneducated: The proper path to a republic, they thought, is not through a revolutionary act, but through proper education.

  4. Brabei says:

    In other words, they challenged those individualists who criticized any form of social and communal participation as potentially a form of passive submission to external authority.

  5. Zulkikasa says:

    And it is the distinctive romantic treatment of the Absolute that explains much in romantic aesthetics:

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