I spoke with an angry, wayward spouse recently. He has been trying to gain his wife's forgiveness since his affair two years ago. Sadly, not much progress has.

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Rage after infidelity

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The sad part in this particular situation wasn't her inability to forgive. It will help release all those pent up emotions brewing inside you that is contributing to your anger. Reach out to your support group Talk to someone.

Rage after infidelity

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We hate it when others fail to value or affirm us. Keep an eye on how sincere your spouse is in severing ties.

Rage after infidelity

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At times anger is justified. The more you can listen with an open heart and some compassion, the more you will learn. Learn more about discussing or revealing infidelity here.

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It gives you small goals you can accomplish week after week, and provides you with much needed distraction from the emotional turmoil you are going through. Otherwise, he wouldn't have stayed around for two years enduring her destructive anger, and she wouldn't have hung in there for two years dealing with the betrayal and destroying herself and her husband.

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Your self-respect and ability to keep your life intact by responding in these constructive ways is essential for recovering from an affair. Exercise can help you look good and feel good about yourself too. Its 6 Roots It seems to me much is written about managing anger, but not as much about the roots.

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I'm afraid this destructive cycle of anger and hurt may have caused just as much damage as the betrayal as well as caused each to become someone or something they never wanted to be. If only one of you is trying to save your relationship, the chances for its success are slim to none. This is an important step in rebuilding trust as well as a feeling of physical safety. When spouses are unwilling to change their response patterns, restoration can seem impossible.

Dec 30, - Hi Pete- a year or two ago the session following the husband admission of guilt of infidelity was very emotional. His wife was very angry and. May 17, - This Week's Question: Dear Anne,. I will make this brief. I get really frustrated and angry with my husband for his affairs and it seems to me that. Feeling angry is an incredibly natural response to the feelings of betrayal that come from infidelity. Your husband broke your trust. Your relationship has been damaged. Anger may feel like a safer way to manage your pain, but it will slow your healing.

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You know in your heart and soul, that you cannot stay. If reconciliation is going to happen, the anger has to be addressed. I experienced it as a child desperately trying to make sense of what were very adult issues; as an adult, when my own less than honorable actions unintentionally hurt someone I loved.

Rage after infidelity

Difficult as it may be, destructive anger needs to be controlled. Either way, through such expressions of anger, we move away from our natural desire to be caring and loving individuals. Find more information and sign up for the course today at 12pm CST.

Rage after infidelity

Rage after infidelity

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  1. Bajind says:

    Every time the infidelity is raised is an opportunity for healing.

  2. Shakashura says:

    For those who believe in an "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth," destructive anger and even a lack of anger management is justified or necessary for restoring the balance of fairness. If you decide to move forward, be aware that it will be intensely damaging if your spouse withholds information, which you then find out about from another source.

  3. Shaktigrel says:

    Sometimes the infidelity is the dynamite that blows up the already condemned building.

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