Mar 1, - Fariha R?is?n presents your queer horoscopes for March

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Queer horoscope

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Cancer Romance is hella in the air for you right now, even if there are some complications. Decide on what you need to do to keep moving forward. Feel happy by yourself. Many of us will want to reconnect to people from the past — especially ex-partners — or will find those people popping back into our lives.

Queer horoscope

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The tidal wave of information, responsibilities, crises, celebrations, news cycles, social media updates — all this urgency can push us past those places in our lives where we might be able to take shelter, take stock of the situation, and find a different perspective. Good luck out there! What do you need to do, now, to move from surviving to thriving?

Queer horoscope

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It does mean that taking some time away will help you replenish yourself. You may share some traumas while remaining different people. Can you hold these both right now?

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The trick is prioritizing self-trust above all else. Feel happy by yourself. Is it a little scary? What is still alive and pulling you forward in these; what you can use as a reliable compass toward the future.

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Is it a little scary? Retrogrades can feel frustrating if you want to keep moving forward at full speed, but they can actually be beautiful times to retreat from the rush of life and go back to find what we lost along the way.

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Knowing that you will not starve for love, whatever deserts you land in temporarily. Remember what it was like before you developed your grand narrative of how the world works and what it means to live in it. Where is there bountiful love in your life right now, and where are you feeling unseen, unheld, unmet?

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Earlier this year you made a deal with yourself or someone else to prioritize stability, to chill out for awhile. Your courage to take emotional risks. Find what you left behind:

Queer horoscope

That means not shaming yourself or letting others shame you for what you feel, what you intuit, and what kinds of buffering you need at times between you and the prickly world. Sailing into the unknown with a sense of excitement.

Queer horoscope

Queer horoscope

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    Have you completed that process yet? You will never control your body.

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    You have no experience of the person you will be tomorrow.

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    Find what you left behind:

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