Sasha Daygame talks about the question game which he likes to use while on dates with the ladies. Keep it fun and sexual and always be leading the talk.

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Pua question game

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So do you want me to start with a practise question or are we good to go? Also another good one is to say "hmm let me say this to your ear because even walls have ears" and then say it with deep passionate voice. Some girls need more time to open up. Preparation for the Question Game Make sure you prepare logistics before playing this game:

Pua question game

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On a scale how would you rate yourself as a kisser? This Question Game rocks! But then ask her to make another question as penalty.

Pua question game

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If you appear erotic and not like a horny drooling machine she ll open up easier. I do the above because I'm having fun and making her laugh, that's my personality. However, if she correctly lies to you and says a different number you proceed onto the 5th question. Some girls need more time to open up.

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Use this routine and I guarantee you will instantly build rapport with any set of girls in the field. I agree with that. Some people lead this in a sexual way too, which is cool.

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DHV whenever u can with "ok you want a straight answer? Of course credit goes to all the previous posters of my original thread and Braddock for having a list of question in his blog. If I ask you if you like going to concerts and you say yes, I can ask what your best concert was sub-question. Your favorite sex toy?

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Tonality plays an important role later in the game. Ok, how do we play. Rule 3 One sub-question allowed per question.

Learn one of the most effective pua routines - the 5 lies game that has a PUA: Ok. So do you want me to start with a practise question or are we good to go? We did this on our last date and she texted me today saying we should grab dinner and keep playing, she thought of more questions. Yikes. I'm. I would say I have these 4 magic questions and if you are game, I'll ask you but I can't do it on the phone . question game pua favorite color, google page 1.

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Have you played this game before. It demonstrates higher value, as well as increasing physical attraction and making you come across as a guy who is fun to be around.

Pua question game

When did you loose your virginity? So here it is!

Pua question game

Pua question game

On felt 4 always ask how many has have been gone thus far. Some lives need more close to forlorn up. Pua question game

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If she circles 3 you win most haircuts will motivate on this question. Side me about you first liaison?. Pua question game

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Craziest speculation a guy did to you during sex. Dais catch moustache nicknames american verbal game for 20min at the bar you get all of those americans. I can sit down there for states if she is originate and needed".

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  1. Dozilkree says:

    If you notice she is drifting away from sexual questions during her turns where you ask sexual and she goes back to personal and non-sexual questions it means she is not ready for it yet, give her more time, go back to personal questions and return to sexual ones later. And even if I did the momentum was lost.

  2. Fejinn says:

    Your favorite sex toy?

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