Prune Face, aka Boche, was an enemy agent, spy and a saboteur during World War II. He was a light-haired, wrinkle faced man who tried to disrupt the United.

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The Xylon Plot Edit Pruneface's apprehension by Israeli Agents Sometime after this, Dick Tracy revealed to Wendy Wichel the untold facts about the recently declassified Xylon incident which involved Pruneface heading an espionage ring determined to steal the Xylon explosive formula developed by Professor Roloc Bard. It was later discovered that he had managed to escape or arrange release. I only hope that in the future the best person for the job is chosen based on skill rather than what is most popular or convenient.


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He is one of the series' main villains and notable for his wrinkly face. Pruneface is a fictional character in the long-running comic strip Dick Tracy , drawn by cartoonist Chester Gould. Kryos Freezedrei , who reanimated Pruneface in in order to gain customers such as Vitamin Flintheart for his cryogenics lab. Pruneface, the Cryonic Man Edit Unbeknownst to the general populace at the time, Pruneface was put into cryogenic slumber by Nazi scientist Dr.


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The doctor recognized the sweater as belonging to his own dog and he deduced that Pruneface must have harmed the dog. Solo informed the strike team about the risks of the mission, and Orrimaarko willingly and eagerly accepted them.

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Pruneface, who came out of hiding at this point, attempted to contact Freida, but she was captured and the bomb was defused thanks to Tracy, Wichel and Trailer. After Tracy and O'Copper were freed, they investigated who had rented the building.

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Although they successfully avoided several Imperial patrols, the team's medic , Corporal Delevar , almost compromised their position by preparing to take a potshot at a Z speeder bike , to which he was stopped and reprimanded by Derlin. He had great faith in his own abilities as a leader and commando , believing himself to be one of the best such soldiers in the Alliance.

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He also sought to establish support for Neo-Nazi groups. His complexion is lavender , lending him the color and wrinkled look of an actual prune.

Pruneface was a high-ranking Nazi saboteur working within the U.S. during the second World War. He was sometimes known by the code-name "Boche" (the  Appearance of Death?: ?August 6th, Pruneface is a fictional character in the long-running comic strip Dick Tracy, drawn by cartoonist Chester Gould. He is one of the series' main villains and notable. Orrimaarko, known to many as simply Prune Face, was the Dressellian governor of Sreeharlo and eventually a resistance fighter and key figure in the liberation.

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Pruneface chased after Junior, who was taking the device to Tracy. Kryos Freezedrei , who reanimated Pruneface in in order to gain customers such as Vitamin Flintheart for his cryogenics lab. Posing as the woman, Frizzletop with Junior's help gave Cal a phony message to report back to "Boche", so they could learn the Nazi's location.


Right after she is arrested by Tracy and Jim Trailer, the bomb is defused. Dick Tracy , Junior and amputee nurse Frizzletop discovered the arrangement and captured Clara. Orrimaarko wore an eye patch, and was frequently referred to as "Prune Face.



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    Their capture proved to be brief, however, as the Ewoks attacked the Imperial troops , turning the tide of the battle in favor of the Rebel Alliance.

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