Learn how to trim and shave your pubic hair, using the right techniques and tools. Manscaping with Gillette STYLER takes your grooming to the next level.

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Proper way to shave male pubic area


Start shaving at your shaft. Trimmed Cut your hair down to a short length so that you still have full hair coverage but much shorter hairs.

Proper way to shave male pubic area

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According to a U. Supplies On the surface, it may seem intuitive to think you only need a can of shaving cream and a razor to do the job. Waxing and threading tips Choose a shop that uses safe methods. Shave the hair above your pubic area but not around your penis and trim your ball hair so that you have a sort of horizontal landing strip just above your penis.

Proper way to shave male pubic area

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Either way, never shave on skin that is already irritated, unless you want to pave the way for an infection. Preparation As you might have guessed, shaving your pubic hairs requires a bit more than just picking up a razor and going at it. A far safer and more sanitary approach is to simply opt for a hot shower. Take your comb and run it even along your pubes to the desired length.

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Threading works by wrapping thin threads around hairs and pulling them out by the root, too. How can I groom my hair down there?


Use hydrocortisone cream to reduce itching. A far safer and more sanitary approach is to simply opt for a hot shower. Apply the Antiseptic Using the antiseptic gel as previously recommended, liberally apply to the shaved areas.

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The hidden part of the shaft will be revealed and can make your penis look a half inch longer. Use hydrocortisone cream to reduce itching. Opt for more natural options from brands like Dr. Many of these same guy grooming tools can also be found on my stocking stuffer ideas for men page.

Mar 23, - Trim as much hair as possible before you begin shaving DON'T use a dull pair of scissors. Soak in the tub for at least 5 minutes to soften the skin and pubic hair before you shave. Apply shaving cream or gel with aloe vera or another soothing agent (made for men) over all the areas you plan to shave. Jul 6, - Shaving tips. Always disinfect your razor before use. Dampen your pubes to soften the hairs and make them easier to cut. Use shaving cream, gel, or moisturizer with natural ingredients to prevent irritation. Use cortisone cream to minimize post-shave irritation. Don't get cream or gel near your penis. Male Pubic Hair and Scrotum Shaving: Benefits and Tips Prepare by selecting the best sharp razor (Recommended: Gillette Mach3), a pair of sharp small.

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Red bumps may occur as the hair grows back. He is a male image consultant and men's style expert.

Proper way to shave male pubic area

Place the hand mirror directly under you, resting on the shower floor Turn shower off if need be. If this happens to you, cortisone cream can soothe irritation, and is available from your local pharmacy or drugstore.

Proper way to shave male pubic area

Proper way to shave male pubic area

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    Rather than send these folks an email with a bunch of links to different websites, I thought it just made sense to author something substantive right here on Guy Counseling. Lather up your sack with the gel.

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    In between major hair removal jobs, you are going to want to use something simple for shaping purposes.

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    And be extra careful around your scrotum and penis skin, which is much thinner. This is technically correct, but the curliness of pubic hair makes them especially prone to bending back into the skin, creating the worst kind of ingrown hair.

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