Jul 24, - Do you allow people to say things and do things that get to you emotionally? Do you often find yourself being manipulated or controlled?

Pot stirrer quotes

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If that happened, then you very likely need to build yourself up today. The way they get their power is externally. They love watching you squirm. Remind you of past failures, making you feel incompetent and unsure of yourself today.

Pot stirrer quotes

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This means, you trust your gut intuition and you have the discipline to stick by what you want, need, choose and decide. A person with a solid sense of self is not going to be swayed by the interjections of a trouble-maker.

Pot stirrer quotes

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Make sure you use your wise mind to see the whole situation with the thoughts of a rational adult. The fact is, none of these things would be bothersome to a person with a high self esteem and who values their own thoughts and feelings. Meditate regularly so you can notice thoughts without acting on them. Ways to Protect Yourself from Pot-Stirrers Here is a few ways you can protect yourself from the pot stirrers in your life:

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Be aware of your weaknesses and trigger points. These people love stirring the pot. How you react whenever a certain person or certain people say things to hurt you?

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The key is knowing who you are and standing firm in the face of the temptation to get off track from your own highest good. The fact is, we will all face people who try to stir our pots from time to time. Be extra careful when it comes to your weak areas.

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But for the most part, a healthy, healed person should be able to stand firm in their own authenticity without being shaken. These people are hurting themselves and they feel powerless. Reparent yourself by Catching Yourself and reminding yourself of who you really are and what really matters. Maybe you were raised in a family where your feelings and thoughts didn't matter.

Explore Aundrea Mcelveen Bannatyne's board "shit stirrers" on Pinterest. | See more ideas funny drama quotes - Dump A Day Stirring the Pot Quotes |. quotes about pot stirrers | Insecure people need to control everyone in their life. They will lie. Explore paula bendure's board "Ode to the pot stirrer!" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Quote life, Quotes to live by and Funniest quotes.

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These people love stirring the pot. A person with a solid sense of self is not going to be swayed by the interjections of a trouble-maker.

Pot stirrer quotes

You have to know what is yours to control and what needs to be left up to the universe to handle. Stay mindful of what is coming at you. These people are all around you.

Pot stirrer quotes

Pot stirrer quotes

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    It may be someone you adore. You'll be glad that you did.

  2. Yozshujinn says:

    They love watching you squirm.

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    I used to be the kind of person who was very concerned about what others thought--even more concerned with others than I was with myself. Allowing someone to hijack you emotionally and psychologically is a misuse of your precious energy.

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