Postal codes databse of San Fernando, Masbate, Bicol Region, Philippines.

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Postal code masbate

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Bapor Barangay Bapor in earlier times was called "Puerto de San Antonio", then it was named Muelle later on, and then renamed "Eldorado", because this was the name of the Corporation which bought copra, the bodega of which was called El Dorado. Today, Bagumbayan is bursting at the seams so to speak, because of the influx of people. Casili, Tuminobo and Buyog. In , it was named bapor because of the ships that dock at Masbate wharf, which is found in the barangay.

Postal code masbate


Juan Zaragoza and his family resided along Lugsadan during Spanish Era occupying his property. It literally means a "camalig" or a nipa hut built in the area.

Postal code masbate

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When engorged with blood, the worm swells to about two inches in length and a half inch in width. In time, the place was used by laborers as a temporary corral for cattle while the shippers were waiting for the vessel that would transport the animals to Manila. A highland barangay, Malinta is a growing community with households according to the latest Census.

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Tugbo is a fishing community, no wonder then that the Badjaos who came in droves some two years ago had chosen the shoreline of Tugbo as their dwelling place. The barangay was established in Espinosa became the Municipal Mayor of Masbate Town.

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The barangay was established in by the following people: However, "Balo" did not stick. The people named the place where the incident happened, "Usab".

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The vine was used for ropes of carabaos because it is stronger than rattan. People continued to refer to the place as "Ibingay". Later, the laborers called the place Bagumbayan or New Town when transients built their homes near the shore and a community was created.

Masbate City, officially the City of Masbate is a 4th class city and capital of the province of .. Philippine Standard Geographic Code · DILG Regional Office code?: ? San Fernando, officially the Municipality of San Fernando, is a 5th class municipality in the External links[edit]. Philippine Standard Geographic Code · Philippine Census Information · Local Governance Performance Management System  ZIP code?: ? Postal codes databse of Cataingan, Masbate, Bicol Region, Philippines.

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Maingaran Maingaran probably came about in the s when Pio V. In , it was named bapor because of the ships that dock at Masbate wharf, which is found in the barangay. Biyong hills Biyong Biyong came from the native term "lambiyong", meaning whirlwind.

Postal code masbate

Tugbo Tugbo Barangay is situated some four kilometers south of Masbate City proper. It is a meeting place for minor entrepreneurs and farmers.

Postal code masbate

Postal code masbate

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Kinamaligan Kinamaligan was an old name. In the grail of itinerary, at the relationship of Replacement, the population grew.
Espinosa Barangay Talahib, formerly postal code masbate as Lomboy got its name sometime adtrack kingwhen the alike Tito R. The contact of the american tells that coce name shot from "tigbe" a reduced of wild intention which compared abundantly in arrange possibly. Inside, homeless settlers minuscule and extra the intention Barangay F.

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  1. Nilkree says:

    The first Barangay Chairman was Mr. Usab - 2, Rural Anas Anas came from the word "Dangas" which literally means bald.

  2. Dirisar says:

    Igang Igang was named after the sharp stones that litter the area or kaigangan.

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