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Pompey's cause, with that of the senate and aristocracy, was finally ruined by his defeat in 48 in the neighbourhood of the Thessalian city Pharsalus. See Dio Cassius, xlvi—xlix. When only seventeen he fought together with his father in the Social War. He was generally unpopular owing to his cruelty and violent temper.


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With some fears and misgivings the senate permitted him to retain the command of his victorious army, and decided on sending him to Spain, where the Marian party, under Sertorius, was still formidable. The control of the capital, the supreme command of the army in Italy and ; of the Mediterranean fleet, the governorship of the two Spains, the superintendence of the corn supplies, which were mainly drawn from Sicily and Africa, and on which the vast population of Rome was wholly dependent, were entirely in the hands of Pompey, who was gradually losing the confidence of all political parties in Rome. He was completely successful; the price of corn fell immediately on his appointment, and in forty days the Mediterranean was cleared of the pirates.


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Licinius Crassus to the consulship, and entered Rome in triumph December 31 for his Spanish victories. When only seventeen he fought together with his father in the Social War. He was legally ineligible for the consulship, having held none of the lower offices of state and being under age. Lutatius Catulus, the other consul, he defeated Lepidus when he tried to march upon Rome, and drove him out of Italy

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In 71 he won fresh glory by finally crushing the slave insurrection of Spartacus, That same year, amid great popular enthusiasm, but without the hearty concurrence of the senate, whom he had alarmed by talking of restoring the dreaded power of the tribunes, he was elected with M. The result of Pompey's operations was eminently satisfactory. He took the side of Sulla against Marius and Cinna, but for a time, in consequence of the success of the Marians, he kept in the background.

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Latterly, his relations with Sulla were somewhat strained, but after his death he resisted the attempt of the consul M. Next year, on the proposal of the tribune Manilius, his powers were still further extended, the care of all the provinces in the East being put under his control for three years together with the conduct of the war against Mithradates VI. When only seventeen he fought together with his father in the Social War. Ancient History, ad fin.


Caesar, who regarded him as a formidable opponent, set out against him in person. From Cyprus, where he had taken refuge, he made his way to Africa, and after the defeat of the Pompeians at Thapsus 46 crossed over to Spain. The senate refused to ratify the.

Mar 11, - Pompey online. Just had a wonder over to see if there was any news on Pearce. It's a sad, imbred place. Half their threads are about us and the ones that aren't,  Muppet Show Bar. POMPEY, the common English form of Pompeius, the name of a Roman plebeian family. I. GNAEUS POMPEIUS (–48 B.C.), the triumvir, the first of his family. qwantify.org: Buy Trudi Plush Toy-Cat Pompey online at low price in India on qwantify.org Check out Trudi Plush Toy-Cat Pompey reviews, ratings, specifications.

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He was married to Caesar's daughter Julia, and as yet the relations between the two had been friendly. The result was the so-called first triumvirate see RoME: Pompey, though he had some great and good qualities, hardly deserved his surname of " the Great.


After the battle of Pharsalus he set out for Africa with the remainder of the Pompeian party, but, meeting with little success, crossed over to Spain. Rome was threatened with a famine, as the corn supplies from Egypt and Africa were cut off by his ships, and it was thought prudent to negotiate a peace with him at Misenum 39 , which was to leave him in possession of Sicily, Sardinia and Achaea, provided he would allow Italy to be freely supplied with corn.



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    As a soldier everything had gone well with him; as a politician he was a failure.

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    After the capture of Jerusalem Pompey is said to have entered the Temple, and even the Holy of Holies.

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