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Podcasts storytelling

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Beginning with the city of Providence, Rhode Island, the presenters interview mobsters and mayors to uncover the murky secrets behind power. Longform The Longform podcast is made alongside Longform. The Truth Your ears can take you anywhere, and The Truth provides you with dark, intriguing short stories that use audio effects to create an immersive impression.

Podcasts storytelling

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The Archers BBC Sure, you could just read a history book or google events you're yearning to learn more about, but then you'd miss out on all the links being made to current events, not to mention the hosts' witticisms.

Podcasts storytelling

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You'll hear of exotic dancing , heartbreaking high school rejections , and experiences with Australian wild life that will make you laugh, cry, and everything between. The difference is that Snap Judgment, which is produced by NPR and hosted by Glynn Washington, adds musical accompaniment to stories, usually making for an experience more along the lines of slam poetry.

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Local weather reports, announcements from the Sheriff and news make up the community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale For instance the man who turned his front garden in a deprived area into an open-to-all allotment, or the brave soul who built a dating strategy around romcoms.

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It's hosted by three American history scholars, so you'll get both accuracy and fun — thanks to the hosts' undeniable chemistry and interactions. Longform The Longform podcast is made alongside Longform. OK, how about Sir David Attenborough? Public listening risks public tears , thanks to Snap Judgement's moving and affecting stories.

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The podcast's ethos is the notion that you can create a connection to someone despite their being a complete stranger just by hearing their story. You'll hear about a person whose parents control their dating profile , what happened when a Somali refugee family moved to Vermont , and learn of the enduring career of a bank robber.

Listen to 63 best Storytelling podcasts (). Astonishing Legends, Hello From The Magic Tavern, The Peripheral, Tales, I, Survivor. Sep 13, - 16 of the best storytelling podcasts for kids to listen to when they're bored and need a fun story to listen to on their smartphone or tablet. 35 top Storytelling podcasts for Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial unfolds one story - a true story  ?True Crime · ?This American Life · ?Serial · ?Horror Stories.

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The Reservoir Tapes When Becky Shaw goes missing in the Peak District, the story of her disappearance is told from the viewpoints of those involved. Crimetown Hanging on to the coat tails of Serial, as so many podcasts have tried to do, Crime Town brings humour and a real sense of style to its investigations into the role crime plays in many American cities.

Podcasts storytelling

Longform The Longform podcast is made alongside Longform. Learning what happens in the making of a story gives listeners a better understanding and appreciation of journalism as a whole. However they do it, a story can take you somewhere.

Podcasts storytelling

Podcasts storytelling

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    Learn about the history of college sports , utopia , and extinction in America, among many other things. Beginning with the city of Providence, Rhode Island, the presenters interview mobsters and mayors to uncover the murky secrets behind power.

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    OK, how about Sir David Attenborough? Her vulnerability and openness is emblematic of the series' ability to evoke your deepest emotions.

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