Aquarius and Pisces lovers are living paradoxes, craving connection, but with an intense need to be solo for long stretches.

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Pisces compatibility with aquarius

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Indecisiveness is a weakness they need to curb so partners who will encourage them to believe in themselves and motivate them to take risks are perfect for our zodiac dreamers. Your potential helps shape the world for a better, more loving reality.

Pisces compatibility with aquarius

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First, Aquarius takes the long route to commitment while Pisces wants to seal the love earlier. Aquarius is a fixed sign which means they make decisions quickly and move forward.

Pisces compatibility with aquarius

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The best chance to overcome this hurdle is to find a middle ground where the former learns to hold back a little bit and the latter tries to let go once in a while. Pisces is all about feeling and expressing, while Aquarius tries to steer clear of any intense emotional passages.

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The lack of reality in their relationship could hurt them both and they might not even know where the problem hides, while they feel frustrated by their relationship. A partner who can cope with her unpredictability and who can give her a lot of space, matches her well. Water sign Pisces swims against currents of self-doubt and often finds themselves repeating past mistakes or trusting the wrong people. Aquarius has imagination, Pisces has originality.

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Here, Aquarius persistence as a fixed sign is often enough to coax Pisces back into the discussion and a resolution can be found. With the possible exception of Pisces and Libra, this is probably the most compatible air and water mix in the zodiac.

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These people would much rather conform to the norm, so long as their doing so will help the greater good. Pisces will play into love even when it hurts them because they believe in it so powerfully -- and they are correct regardless of how others treat them. Pisces needs to give lots of forewarning when the latest blasts from the past are about to arrive on mass.

The biggest plus of an Aquarius Pisces love match is that both the partners believe strongly in the power of dreams. Aquarius has imagination, Pisces has originality. Aquarius is inventive, Pisces is intuitive. Their relationship compatibility can conjure a special kind of magic, something no one has ever seen before! SEXUAL CHEMISTRY MARRIAGE COMPATIBILITY The Good: Soulful union. Aquarius rescues Pisces. Pisces calms the noise in the Aquarius head. Are your signs compatible? Read your Aquarius and Pisces love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love.

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Aquarius comes from the planet of the rebel, Uranus. It may become a burden that people depend on you so much, that when you leave it is very hard for people to move on.

Pisces compatibility with aquarius

Aquarius helps makes Pisces feel understood. You have great capacity for love, which makes you knowledgeable on what is unloving. Uranus focuses on iconoclastic ideas and innovative practices.

Pisces compatibility with aquarius

Pisces compatibility with aquarius

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    She is also very good in picking up on the feelings and needs of people around her. Pisces bowls straight over, disturbs them with rabid conversation about astral planes and primal birthing — Aquarius is likely to give up a phone number just to make them go away.

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    Aquarius brings in the new ideas and helps Pisces move in the water. This couple will not fear to set big and mighty goals individually, as well as together.

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    And God is the face of love, so your believing in love points people to the realization of God.

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