Directed by Jase Haber. How a pill epidemic has affected our youth and nation.

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Evelyn Nieves April 11, 3: You can find pockets of pill abuse from Orange County, Calif. These days, the coal mining industry in West Virginia is rife with pilling.


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The Sav-Rites moved almost 3. Evelyn Nieves April 11, 3: It handed out Xanax, Lortabs, Vicodin — all manner of the prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs that are crippling Appalachia like a rogue disease — to anyone with an excuse.


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And then there's the impossible-to-tabulate costs of prosecution, public defenders, jury trials and appeals, Beach said. Williams was found at an Oakland Park Red Roof Inn beaten and strangled, his hands bound with a telephone cord and a towel covering his mouth. She pleaded guilty to an attempted trafficking charge, was sentenced to three years' probation, and went back to Kentucky. Oxycontin began making the rounds here in the late s.

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Political leaders, health professionals and community groups in these parts who have been crying for help can show the rest of the country what can happen when pilling runs rampant. Now, the women said, more pill users are heading to Georgia and other states. You can find pockets of pill abuse from Orange County, Calif.

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They consider themselves lucky. But many of the women end up staying longer, some longer than a year, as they earn high school equivalency diplomas and, often, try to regain custody of children they lost to the state.

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Kermit, which sits in the poorest, most remote corner of southwest West Virginia at the Kentucky border, was drawing pill addicts from all over the Eastern seaboard. Chasing down pill dealing is more than enough work by itself.

Pillbilly fantasia. novemBer 15, – january 5, Banner image credit: Cindy Bla?evi?, Working image for Pillbilly Fantasia, Back to Top. Jan 30, - The expression “pillbillies” is being used by some media sites to describe the opioid crisis in Appalachia. It's a combination of hillbilly and pill. The Pillbillies book series by K.L. Randis includes books Pillbillies and Laced. See the complete Pillbillies series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions.

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The Sav-Rites moved almost 3. Yet he said he's aware of prescription drug-related arrests for traffic crimes and driving under the influence. He chalks that up to Drug Enforcement Administration pain clinic raids and arrests of health professionals.


But that could be changing. An old coal mining town with barely residents and one blinking light between the train tracks, Kermit has no supermarket, no clothing store, no main drag.



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    Each has a court-appointed attorney.

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    Others were given a pill by a friend.

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    The Kermit Sav-Rite, along with another one Wooley owned in a tiny hamlet about 10 miles from Kermit, together doled out enough hydrocodone, the main ingredient in Vicodin and Lortabs, for every man, woman and child in West Virginia population: Evelyn Nieves April 11, 3:

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    Most ended up on the Oxy Express, driving 15 hours with others, every two weeks, to central Florida to obtain scripts from pill mills there. Some come from broken homes and awful childhoods, others from loving parents.

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