Phixer is a software platform that allows Real Estate Photographers access to affordable, efficient editors who use innovative techniques and software to process.

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We now operate a post production center out of Cebu, Philippines employing over people. Our management team has experience with every aspect of the real estate business and we employ and train the best real estate graphic designers available.


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Our Media Uploader Tool is a multi-part resumable file upload with internet failure protection built in. What if I need changes to my completed photos?


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We now want to help other companies grow their business. We only charge per completed photo. We offer transparent pricing and programs that work for every stage of your business growth. This makes uploading your raw media simple.

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Partner plans offer volume discount pricing and require a monthly subscription. Simply buy credits and use them as you please. We only charge per completed photo.

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Directions for use pHixer contains a built-in pH indicator that turns spray water pink at an optimum pH level around 5. We provide rush options which are 18 hours and 12 hours for an additional charge. Help Topics What is Phixer?

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We provide rush options which are 18 hours and 12 hours for an additional charge. Basic revisions to the photo gallery are free for the first 5 days after your gallery is delivered and can be easily ordered via your gallery.

We offer high quality real estate photo editing & videography services for professional real estate photographers. We offer high-quality real estate photo editing, retouching, enhancement, color correction and real estate videography production & marketing services for realtor  ?Phixer · ?About · ?FAQ · ?Contact. pHIxer is a specialist water conditioner formulated to ensure spray tank water is at ideal pH for application for optimum results. It has a built in visual pH colour.

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You can communicate to your editing team directly and save the time and frustration of using email. Simply go to https: Your Journey Starts Here!


We now operate a post production center out of Cebu, Philippines employing over people. What makes Phixer better?



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